A stocking shouldn't be just a storage space for presents, but a present in itself. There are so many different stocking designs you can buy in store but there's also a lot of festive DIY Christmas stockings you can make for your family.

The Best Festive DIY Christmas Stockings you can Make for Your Family!

With the right tools and a little bit of time and effort you can create some amazing Christmas stockings, so take a look at our pick of 15 festive DIY Christmas stockings you can make for your family.

1. Sweater Stocking

Use sweaters or cardigans that you no longer need, or buy a cheap one from the thrift store to make one of these sweater stockings.

Festive DIY Christmas Stockings You Can Make For Your Family Including a Sweater Stocking marthastewart

2. Felt Name Stockings

Create customised festive DIY Christmas stockings you can make for your family by adding the name of each family member in felt letters onto the stockings. That way you will be able to easily identify each one.

Felt Name Stockingshgtv


3. Jingle Bell Stockings

Stitch small bells onto a stocking to make them jingle, and create pretty patterns in the material simply using a hole punch. You can use any colors to make these stockings but red and white particularly stand out.

Jingle Bell Stockingsmarthastewart

4. Elf Style Stockings

Move away from the traditional style stocking and create a fun, quirky design that is fit for an elf. These will definitely stand out on the mantelpiece and your guests will be very impressed by your crafting skills.

Elf Stockingsprettyprudent

5. Woven Stockings

Choose your colors and start weaving to make a pretty and unique woven stocking. Add pom poms to the top of your stocking in matching colors to make it look like a cosy slipper boot.

Woven Stockingsabeautifulmess

6. Plaid Stockings

You don't to have to be a great sewer to make these, so if you're fan of plaid but your sewing skills aren't up to scratch you needn't worry. Just grab some material and start stitching.

Plaid Stockingsthestyledsoul

7.  Cowboy Boot Christmas Stockings

Unleash the inner cowgirl or cowboy, with these cowboy boot style stockings made out of felt.

Cow Boy Boot Stockinginstructables

8. Denim Stockings

Recycle your old denim jeans or jacket and turn them into a sturdy stocking to hold all of your presents. Denim is a strong material so this type of stocking will last for years and years.

Denim Stockinghgtv

9. Polka Dot Stockings

Combine colors and polka dots to make one of these bright and dotty stockings which are great for kids and adults alike.

Polka Dot Stockinglivingwithpunks

10. Tinsel Tree Stockings

Decorate a stocking with a tree made out of tinsel to add an extra bit of sparkle to your Christmas.

Tinsel Tree Stockingsbhg

11. Pinecone Stockings

Embrace the outdoors by attaching hand crafted pinecones to your stocking. Pinecones are a great symbol of Christmas and they can dress up any stocking to make it look extra special.

Pinecone Stockingmarthastewart


12. Monogram Stockings

Make a super cosy stocking with wool fabric and personalise them with a monogram and pretty patterns such as holly leaves or reindeer antlers.

Monogram Christmas Stocking


13. Burlap Stockings

Add a rustic feel to your stocking by making one out of a burlap sack. You can leave it plain or paint the stocking with patterns such as holly leaves.

Burlap Stockingshgtv

14. Patchwork Stockings

Use different pieces of material to make a pretty patchwork stocking for your children. It will take some time but the end result will be worth it.

Patchwork Stockingsrabitstew

15. Tablecloth Stockings

Reuse old Christmas tablecloths and turn them into a stocking. If you don't have any you are willing to cut up, then ask your family if they have tablecloths they don't use, or source some from a thrift store.

Tablecloth Stockingsmysocalledcraftylife