Wait! Don’t throw that away. You can probably use it. Click ‘Next’ to see 15 innovative new uses for common household garbage.


1. Cereal Boxes

Cut old cereal boxes diagonally (like a magazine holder) and use them to store everything from plastic Tupperware lids, to kids books. If they’re going to be out in the open, take a few extra minutes to cover the box with some leftover wrapping paper. [via The Muddy Princess]


2. CD Holder

Just because you don’t listen to CDs anymore, doesn’t mean your old CD rack has to go. Turn it into a dish drainer instead, and regale your kids with “back in my day, this used to hold music,” stories. [via Ikea Hackers]


3. Plastic Bottles

Turn your old plastic bottles into a fun bowling game for the kids - in fact, you can even spend time decorating your “pins” together. Hello Mess uses sumo-wrestling characters for their bowling game - or you can skip the painting and add glow sticks for some nighttime fun.

intro plastic bottle bowling pins sumo wrestlers

4. Picture Frame

Accidents happen. But if you (or your kids) happen to break the glass on a picture frame, it doesn’t mean it’s time to put it in the trash. On the contrary. Simply add a little wire for a cute way to display all of your dangly earrings. [via Kevin and Amanda]


5. Wine Bottles

We found these beautiful wine bottles on Pinterest - and they’re proof that it doesn’t take much to turn trash into treasure. With some string, a hot glue gun, some stylish accessories and a little creativity, you can turn your old wine bottles into a stunning shelf-topper.


6. Old Jars

Clean out old jars and use them for crafts and storage. This tutorial from Thrifty Fun shows you how adding a candlestick to the bottom of a pickle jar can make a colorful candy-filled display. Of course, you can also use the jars for holding different kinds of pastas, or various baking ingredients, like flour, and sugar - be creative, and have fun!


7. Plastic Cutlery

If you have a drawer full of plastic spoons, you can turn a plain mirror into the fairest of them all. All you need is a hot glue gun, and a few hours of free time. Country Living has a complete tutorial that walks you through how to instantly update an old accessory - and reuse some trash in the process.


8. Toilet Paper Rolls

Old toilet paper rolls can be used for everything from kids crafts to securing wrapping paper rolls [via Pinterest]. However, this bird feeder is one of our favorite uses for an empty roll. Simply cover with peanut butter, roll in birdseed, and hang in the backyard [via Kids Kubby].


9. Unused Silverware

Did you know that your old, or unused silverware can be repurposed into stylish wall hooks? You do now! Shelterness.com has 5 creative ideas for reusing your old forks and spoons to hang coats, keys, and more.


10. Tea Cups

If you’re looking for a creative way to use that old tea set that you just can’t part with, we’ve got you covered. Check out this fab tutorial from Miss Renaissance on how to fill your cup with a candle. That’s right. You can turn that unused teacup into an elegant style statement.


11. Bread Tags

Keep your home office organized by using bread tags to label each of the cords you have plugged into your power bar. [via Apartment Therapy]


12. Wine Corks

Carefully cut a slit into an old wine cork, and use it to keep those pesky non-resealable bags closed. Genius? We think so! [via Experimento Verde]


13. Empty Wipes Container

An empty wipes container is the perfect place to store plastic bags for future use. Not only can you easily pull out one bag at a time, you’ll no longer be cluttering up the space under your sink! (Or so I’ve heard…) [via cityyogi.tumblr.com]


14. DVDs

Your old DVDs can actually make a beautiful mosaic. Just ask Me and My DIY, who used some outdated computer file backups to tile over a broken bird bath. The results are spectacular - and can definitely extend to other home accessories, too.


15. Perfume Bottles

Lots of work goes into creating the perfect scent - and the perfect bottle to hold it in. Perfume bottles are often beautifully designed. So rather than throw them away when you’ve finished with them, fill them with flowers, instead.