Your bedroom is the center of both rest and activity in your home, so it's only natural that you want this space to look its very best. Remodels can cost quite a bit of money, even if you shop at discount stores for some of the new pieces.


Let's Explore Easy Dollar Store Projects

Luckily, you can update and add some useful yet decorative pieces into your bedroom using just your creativity and items from your local dollar store. Check out these 16 easy dollar store projects to update your bedroom while saving your bank account.


Book Planters

Whether you pick up some cheap books or have ones you no longer need, these make great planters for small succulent plants. A cut through the center of the middle of the open book provides a nook for your new plant life. It's one of the top easy dollar store projects to try.




Add some paint to your plain IKEA pieces to create a unique piece for your bedroom at just the cost of the paint!



Homemade Picture Frames

Picture frames can be surprisingly expensive, even the more plain and simple ones. It's even pricier when you have an item professionally framed, says Apartment Therapy. Instead of wasting your money on frames, try colored tape for a more unique, chic look at a fraction of the cost.

Homemade Picture Frames designsponge

Paper Hanging

Remember those paper chains you made for parties as a kid? Take that idea and use it for a wall decoration!

Paper Hanging pikkupikkupisaroita

Bottle Vases

Those old glass bottles you have are perfect for your own custom vases! Simply spray paint the bottle the color of your choice and add decorations using sparkles, paint, twine or even lace.



"Discount" Art

You can have your own conversation piece by simply blowing up your favorite photo at a photo place as an engineer print.

Discount Art apartmenttherapy

Confetti Tumblers

For splashy tumblers, all you need are some short glasses with rounded bottoms from your local dollar store. Paint dots on the bottom in a fun pattern that moves upward.

Confetti Tumblers radicalpossibility

Pom Bouquet

With just a glass jar, barbecue skewers, yarn and floral tape, you can make your own fake pom floral centerpiece.

Pom Bouquet radicalpossibility

String Art

You can use nails, glue, a board back and colorful string to make your own works of art. There are a ton of tutorials online, like String Art Fun, and the possibilities are endless!

String Art honeyandfitz

Magnet Board

With a picture frame that has a fitted metal sheet and some magnets, you can have a makeup organizer and wall piece all in one.

Magnet Board laurathoughts81

Paper Hearts

Simple chains of paper hearts from your ceiling can add new life to your space. Mix and match colors and materials for a fun look.

Paper Hearts honeybeevintage

Butterfly Magnets

Brass wall butterflies were all the rage back in the day, but you can reuse any you find by simply painting them and attaching magnets.

Butterfly Magnets modpodgerocksblog

Filing Cabinet Facelift

Your old filing cabinet can have a new lease on life with just some paint and creativity.

Filing Cabinet Facelift moxandfodder

Glitter Vase

A glass with a wide mouth, glitter and craft bond blend are all you need for your very own glitter vases. Use different colors or mix and match your glitter shades right in the glass itself.

Glitter Vase thesweetestoccasion

Paper Lantern

Homemade paper lanterns can brighten a party, says Country Living, or your bedroom. Paper, ribbon, glue, scissors and patience are needed, but the playful results are well worth it!

Paper Lantern hgtv

Homemade Herringbone Mirror

Herringbone mirrors are all the rage right now, but they can get pricey. Make your own using a plain mirror, glue and herringbone-patterned fabric.

Homemade Herringbone Mirrorschoolofdecorating