Cookies go well with any occasion. It doesn’t matter what a cookie looks like as long as it tastes good, but gorgeously decorated cookies for every occasion can add to the overall appeal and show off your artistic flair at the same time. These examples can show guests and family members you put extra effort into your baking work.

Top Gorgeously Decorated Cookies for Every Occasion for Winter

This winter-themed cookie gives guests a splash of color and taste. Color contrasts help it to fit in and stand out all at once.

Top Gorgeously Decorated Cookies for Every Occasion for Winter


Sheep Cookies

Kids and adults alike will be drawn to these sweet treats that look like they came right off the farm.

Sheep Cookieskitchenfunwithmy3sons

Spring Flower Cookies

Flowers don’t have to stay in the garden. Why not incorporate spring weather into the treats? These cookies are as delicious as they are beautiful!

Spring Flower Cookiesglorioustreats

Lace Cookies

See-through cookies are pretty rare, and that’s what makes them so intriguing. The texture only adds to the flavor.

Lace Cookiesmarthastewart

Dinosaur Cookies

Any dinosaur-loving child would be thrilled to have dino prints on their cookies. They’re great for parties or an everyday special snack.

Dinosaur Cookiestesco

Fall in Love With Valentine’s Cookies

Valentine’s Day calls for a special treat to help the day of love become everything it was meant to be. These varied cookies show love on every level.

Fall in Love With Valentine’s Cookiesmarthastewart

Teacher Appreciation Cookies

Teachers deserve distinctive cookies that show how much you care and appreciate the work they do.

Teacher Appreciation Cookiesthecraftingfoodie

Bring on the Bugs Spring Cookies

These cookies would be great at tea parties, a little girl’s birthday party and many other occasions. The adorable bugs are so sweet that they’re hard to eat, but they taste so good they’re impossible to resist!

Bring on the Bugs Spring Cookiesshechive

Spooky Spider Cookies

Spooky spider cookies make great Halloween treats, and they are easy enough to make that even kids can help with the decorating. It might take longer to eat this snack because it’s too much fun to play with it!

Spooky Spider Cookiesdismaps

Stained Glass Cookies

Are you supposed to eat these cookies or hang them up in your window as stained glass art? Simply take a picture and then take a bite!

Stained Glass Cookiescookieroad

Baby Shower Cookies

Baby showers need to be commemorated with special snacks. There isn’t much more special than cookies created to signify all things baby. They make an adorable centerpiece and a delicious treat.

Baby Shower Cookiesahelicoptermom

Henna and Lace Cookies

These cookies look like latticework, and you might mistake them for a doily or napkin. When it comes right down to it, they’re intricate and tasty all at once.

Henna and Lace Cookiesdecoist

More Valentine Cookies to Love

Valentine’s themed cookies are great for class parties, kids, and that special someone. Every individual is unique and each cookie should make a separate statement of its own.

More Valentine Cookies to Loveyoutube

Cupcake Cookies

Can’t decide between making cupcakes and cookies? Why not create cookies that look like cupcakes! They’re adorable and bring extra style to the table.

Cupcake Cookiesyoutube

Makeup-Themed Cookies

Teenagers are too old for average cookies, but cookies that look like makeup is another story. These cookies are individualized, unique, and something you won’t see anywhere else.

Makeup-Themed Cookiesyoutube

Emoji Cookies

It’s all about the emoji in today’s society, so why not carry that theme into your cookies? These cookies can express happiness, sadness, and everything in between.

Emoji Cookiesyoutube

Skeleton Cookies

Halloween isn’t complete without creepy cookies to match the mood. You can customize these skeletons for individuals or make them more generic so that they can be gorgeously decorated cookies for every occasion.

Skeleton Cookiesbbcgoodfood

Simple Yet Elegant Christmas Cookies

Beauty surrounds you at Christmastime, and cookies should not be left out. The simple color is accented with silver ball decorations.

Simple Yet Elegant Christmas Cookiesbbcgoodfood