Ditch the boring chocolate advent calendars and take a look at our 20 DIY advent calendar ideas to help you count down the days until Christmas.

20 DIY Advent Calendar Ideas

If you're bored of buying the same standard advent calendar with a small disappointing piece of chocolate behind a door, then get creative and consider making your own. Here's 20 DIY advent calendar ideas you can take inspiration from.

1. Paper Bag Advent Calendar

Have bigger pockets for your treats by making your calendar out of paper bags.

Paper Bag Advent CalendarFind out how:  norskeinteriorblogger

2. Paper City Advent Calendar

Make match-box size houses using a free printable from mrpintables, to create an entire paper city.

Paper CityFind out how: mrprintables

3. Trinkets Advent Calendar

If you have an old key cabinet, you can hang numbered gift tags with cute trinkets attached to them to countdown each day.

Trinket Key cabinetFind out how: countryliving

4. Magnetic Tin Advent Calendar

Turn metal tins into small storage spaces for candy or toys, and apply magnetic strips to them so they stick to the fridge. You can arrange them in any order and can even make designs such as a Christmas tree.

Magnetic tin advent calendarFind out how: twigandthistle

6. Mini Bucket Advent Calendar

Store treats such as candy, toys or cute little notes in these tiny buckets which you can buy in bulk online.

Bucket advent calendarFind out how: designdininganddiapers

7. Envelope Advent Calendar

Count down the days to Christmas with small paper envelopes filled with nice notes and other surprises.

Envelope Advent CalendarFind out how: bespokebride

8. Bunting Advent Calendar

Decorate your home with an advent calendar made out of bunting. You can choose the same fabric for all of the bunting, or try to coordinate with different types. You could even try and match it to your home decor.

BuntingFind out how: snugonline

9. Stacked Can Advent Calendar

Recycle tins for your advent calendar by spray painting them and numbering the tins one to 25. Place a treat inside each tin before stacking them on top of each other.

Tin can advent calendarFind out how: housetohome

10. Toilet Paper Roll Advent Calendar

Save up your toilet rolls to create this fun advent calendar that is shaped like a house.

Toilet roll advent calendarFind out how: morningcreativity

11. Chalkboard Advent Calendar

This chalkboard calendar looks impressive, but it only takes an hour to make. Fill each box with a small toy or treat and tie them up with ribbon so no-one can peak.

Chalkboard advent calendarFind out how: ohhappyday

12. Pegboard Advent Calendar

Make an advent calendar in minutes using a pegboard. All you need are small bags to put your treats in, and then just hang them up with pegs.

pegboard advent calendarFind out how: youaremyfave

13. Shoe Organizer Advent Calendar

Pick up a regular shoe organizer with 24 pockets, and transform it into a 24 day countdown calendar.

Shoe Organizer advent calendarFind out how: eighteen25

14. Boxes Advent Calendar

Transform a collection of boxes into a fun advent calendar. You can use a variety of different sized boxes so you can fit all sorts of treats in them.

Boxes advent calendarFind out how: modpodgerocks

15. Clothes Hanger Advent Calendar

Create this shabby chic clothes hanger calendar which will look lovely in any room of your home.

Clothes hanger advent calendarFind out how: sillyoldsuitcase

16. Paper Cup Reindeer Advent Calendar

Your children will love this adorable reindeer advent calendar which is made out of paper cups. Hang it up in your home and place a candy of your choice in each cup.

Reindeer advent calendarFind out how: balancinghome

17. Stocking Advent Calendar

You don't have to settle for just one stocking, why not have one for each day in the lead up to Christmas? This stocking christmas calendar will take some time to make but the result is worth it.

Stocking advent calendarFind out how: madetosew

18. Kraft Bags Advent Calendar

If you don't have much time, but want to create your own advent calendar, use kraft bags to store your treats and stick them on the wall with fabric tape.

kraft bags advent calendarFind out how: julieblanner

19. Pocket Advent Calendar

Turn card stock, paper and fabric into this pretty pocket calendar which can hold treats and festive notes.

Pocket advent calendarFind out how: kimberlypetersen

20. Advent Calendar Jar

If you're short on space but want to have a homemade advent calendar then why not try an advent calendar in a jar. Place messages and treats into a jar, and take one out each day in December as you count down to Christmas.

Advent calendar jarFind out how: poppytalk