Forget buying store bought decorations, and get into the Christmas spirit by looking at our selection of DIY Christmas ornament ideas for your tree!

Get Into the Festive Spirit With These DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas for Your Tree

We've already shared 30 festive DIY Christmas decor ideas on a budget, and now we've compiled 20 DIY Christmas ornament ideas for your tree, which are sure to get you feeling festive. Take a look at the images for inspiration and start creating!

1. Mirror Baubles

Reuse your old CD's and turn boring glass baubles into pretty miniature mirror balls.


2. Penguin Lightbulbs

Make these super cool Christmas ornaments by painting penguins onto old lightbulbs. If you want to cover the exposed part of the bulb, you could even create small cosy hats to go onto the penguin's heads.


3. Knitted Mittens

Get your knitting needles at the ready so you can make these adorable mini mittens. Pick any color you want, or make it match the colors of the rest of your decorations.


4. Photo Ornaments

Look back on memories of the past year by hanging photos of your family and friends on your tree.


5. Reindeer Thumbprint Baubles

Get the whole family involved and make reindeer designs on baubles using your own thumbprints. Make sure you initial each bauble so you know whose thumbprints they are, and if you have young children, they could make a new bauble every year and watch their fingerprint grow.


6. Salt Dough Ornaments

Bake your own decorations by making salt dough and cutting out different shapes which you can paint and decorate with glitter. These are fun to make with children, and they can even give them out as gifts to teachers or family members such as grandparents.

Dough Ornamentsmommypotamus

7. Macaroni Snowflakes

Get out the macaroni, but the hold the cheese, to make these cost effective snowflakes which are perfect if you are on a budget.

Macaroni Snowflakeskatyelliot

8. Sheet Music Stars

Display sheet music of your favourite Christmas songs in the shape of stars.


9. Lego Ornaments

For all you lego fans, why not try using your bricks to build your very own Christmas Tree ornaments. From snowflakes to candy canes, there's a whole range of decorations you can make.


10. Cornucopias

Create Cornucopias to hang on the tree and fill them with hollies and berries.


11. Vintage Inspired Bell Jars

Make cute vintage inspired bell jar ornaments out of plastic wine glasses and create pretty christmas scenes inside them.


12. Paper Hearts

Although stars and snowflakes are nice to hang on the tree, why not add hearts to your collection of tree decorations. Source different coloured paper with a range of patterns to make a variety of paper heart decorations to hang on your tree.


13. Crochet Snowflakes

Crochet snowflakes are really easy to make and don't require too many materials.



14. Pine Cone Bows

These are one of the simplest to make of the DIY Christmas ornament ideas for your tree. All you need are pinecones, ribbon and string.



15. Bottle Cap Snowmen

Reuse bottle caps and glue them together to make snowmen. You can either make a set all the same or give each of them a different look.



16. Puzzle Piece Snowflake

Gather puzzle pieces together from jigsaws you no longer use and glue them together to make pretty snowflakes.



17. Cinnamon Stick Trees

Add a light scent of cinnamon to your home by making these miniature Christmas trees using cinnamon sticks and pieces of pine garland.


18. Pom Pom Ornaments

Pom poms can be used to make all sorts of Christmas shapes, but the more pom poms the use, the more patience you'll require. These plush ornaments are very simple to make, and even children can get involved in the fun.


19. Wood Slices

Make your Christmas tree have a more rustic feel, with these wood slices which can be cut from tree branches or bought a store.


20. Candy Ornaments

Make colorful ornaments that look good enough to eat. The last one of our DIY Christmas ornament ideas for your tree involves melting candy and using cookie cutters to make different shaped Christmas ornaments.