20 DIY Craft Ideas for Your Kitchen

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By: Lisa Evans
Published: November 20, 2016
Last Update: February 12, 2023
The kitchen is often neglected as a space for DIY projects, with more focus on redecorating the bedroom and living room. However this can be changed with our 20 DIY craft ideas for your kitchen. Give yourself the opportunity to get creative and let a bit of your personality shine through by transforming your kitchen with subtle decorations that you've made yourself, whether that be customized tea towels or novelty fridge magnets. Refresh the look of your kitchen with our simple DIY craft ideas, and transform boring household objects into customised works of art.

1. Ombre Painted Wooden Spoon Handles

Spruce up your boring wooden spoons by painting their handles different shades of the same color to create an ombre effect.


2. Hand Stamped Wooden Chopping Boards

Personalize your wooden chopping boards with hotel metal stamps and a wood burning pen. You can use them to prevent cross contamination and label each board with different food items such as 'fruit', 'bread' and 'meat', or put your family's name on them.


3. Double Oven Mitts

Choose from a range of fabrics to make a practical set of double oven mitts. The tutorial from we all sew is very easy to follow and you'll have a protective oven mitt in no time.



4. Kitchen Tablet Holder

A lot of people now resort to going online for recipes rather than reaching for a cookbook. View recipes on a tablet without straining your neck, by creating a tablet holder using a cutting board and a few other simple materials.

Kitchen Tablet Holdercountryliving

5. Hand Drawn Mugs

Jazz up your plain boring mugs and personalize them with drawings using sharpies. This is one of the very simple DIY craft ideas for your kitchen, but so effective.

64e6eaf3_Sharpie-Mug popsugar

6. Crochet Pot Holders

Dress up your pots with a cosy crochet pot holder. They are very easy to make and will liven up any kitchen.


7. Painted Teapot

Create a unique pattern on a plain white teapot with just some porcelain paint and a tooth pick. It's a little time consuming, but worth it for the effect.

Painted Teapotinvisibly

8. Stamped Kitchen Tea Towels

Create custom kitchen tea towels with just some paint, stamps and stencils.


9. Photo Fridge Magnets

Forget photo frames, turn your photos into magnets to display on your fridge so you can look at them every time you're in the kitchen.

07-photomagnets-033-small photojojo

10. Wallpapered Fridge

Give your fridge a bit of a colour by applying removable wallpaper to it. You mess, no fuss, and it can be removed whenever you want.

wallpaper-fridge-hexagon-geomaetric-pattern-640 (1)auntpeaches

11. Taped Shelves

Dress up your shelves in minutes using different patterned washi tape.



12. Mason Jar Soap Dispensers

Turn your mason jars into vintage style soap dispensers.



13. Painted Knife Block

Personalise your knife block by painting on the shapes of the knives you store in there.



14. Coloured Jar Lids

Create a matching set of lids for your jars with some spray paint in the color of your choice.


15. Kitchen Chalkboard

One of our handy DIY craft ideas for your kitchen is to create a chalkboard. Everyone always has something they need to write down, and with a chalkboard in your kitchen you can note down grocery lists, memos and other notes to your family.


16. Color Block Clock

Paint half a wooden clock base to create a color block effect.


17. Gold Leaf Wooden Bowls

Add a touch of elegance to your wooden bowls with gold leaf.


18. Picture Frame Tray

Create a personalised tray using a picture frame to store a range of items such as photos, fabric and notes.

Frame Trayashleyannphotography

19. Leather Kitchen Handles

Transform your door handles and make them out of leather which will age beautifully over time.

Leather Handlesapartmentapothecary

20. Hanging Spice Rack

Turn $1 cooling racks into spice racks and hang them on your cupboard doors for easy storage.