Keep your children entertained in the countdown to Christmas, with our guide to 20 fun Christmas crafts for kids, which you can display in your home.

20 Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids to Boost Their Christmas Spirit

For many people Christmas is their most favorite time of the year, and children get especially excited during this holiday season. To keep their spirits lifted and looking forward to the big day, encourage them to get creative and try out one of the craft activities in our collection of 20 fun Christmas crafts for kids.

1. Cup and Ball Santa

Make this adorable santa using simple craft materials you probably already have in the cupboard.

Cup Ball SantaFind out how: activityvillage

2. Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets

These finger puppets are in our collection of fun Christmas crafts for kids because they are simple to make, and afterwards your child will probably spend hours playing with them.

Finger Puppets

Find out how: woojr

3. Sock Stockings

Turn a boring sock into a personalised decorative stocking to hang on the fireplace with just a few simple materials. The whole family will love them.

Sock stockingsFind out how: parents

4. Gingerbread Gift Tags

Cut out gingerbread house shapes from cardboard before letting your child decorate them with markers and crayons. You can use their works of art as either gift tags or tree decorations.

Cardboard gift tagsFind out how: warmhotchocolate

5. Popsicle Stick Snowflake Ornaments

Get your child making fun decorations for the tree, like these snowflake popsicles. They are really easy to make and give your child the chance to experiment with different patterns using glitter glue.

Popsicle stick ornamentFind out how: notsoidlehands

6. Bead Ornaments

Make different festive ornaments for the tree such as a star or candy cane using just beads and a pipe cleaners.

Bead ornamentsFind out how: makeandtakes

7. Paper Plate Snowman

Turn boring white paper plates into cute snowmen like this one. You can use all sorts of materials to decorate them and make several different ones.

Paper plate snowmanFind out how: craftymorning

8. Pom Pom Ornaments

Make cosy ornaments for your tree using pom poms, and create designs such as cancy canes and wreaths.

Pom Pom OrnamentsFind out how: skiptomylou

9. Pinecone Gnomes

Dress up pinecones by making gnomes to perch on top of them. This craft requires a lot of gluing, so be prepared for a sticky mess if you make it with young children.

Pinecone GnomesFind out how: bhg

10. Salt Dough Ornaments

Bake tree ornaments out of salt dough and let your child decorate them with paint and glitter. These will look wonderful on your tree and last for years and years.

Dough OrnamentsFind out how: mommypotamus


11. Tin Can Trees

Recycle old tin cans and combine them with paper and cardstock to make these fun and colorful trees. The cans at the back of the tree can even be used as a holder for candy canes, pencils etc.

Tin Can TreesFind out how: madeeveryday

12. Christmas Crackers

Instead of buying crackers from the store, get your child to make their own, using toilet rolls and tissue paper. This way you can personalise them with your own jokes, gifts and sweets.

Christmas CrackersFind out how: inhabitots

13. Pinecone Christmas Trees

Transform pinecones into miniature Christmas trees by painting them green and decorating them with foil stars. These pinecone trees rest inside pots so they can be placed on any flat surface, such as windowsills or a mantelpiece.

Pinecone Christmas TreesFind out how: scissorsandspoons

14. Button Wreath

Kids of all ages can make these button wreaths. You only need pipe cleaners, buttons and ribbon to make these cute wreaths which can be hung on doors, Christmas trees or used as a napkin ring.

Button WreathFind out how: activityvillage

15. Paper Chains

Decorate the ceilings of your home with handmade colorful red and green paper chains.

Christmas paper chainsFind out how: learning4kids

16. Paper Snowflakes

Make different patterned six pointed paper snowflakes using just scissors and plain white paper.

Paper snowflakeFind out how: instructables

17. Cotton Ball Santa

This craft is perfect for preschoolers who will really enjoying using cotton balls to make Santa's beard.

Santa cotton ballFind out how: becauseisaidsoandothermommyisms 

18. Reindeer Pot

Make a reindeer in minutes using a terracotta pot, pom poms, googly eyes and pipe cleaners. The pot can be used to store sweets or even a small present.

Reindeer PotFind out how: sheknows

19. Rolled Paper Baubles

Create handmade paper baubles by tightly rolling strips of colored construction paper together in varying widths.

Rolled Paper BaublesFind out how: paperplateandplane

20. Paper Placemats

Make cost effective placemats out of paper, by printing off templates featuring reindeers and decorating them with glitter before laminating them so they don't get damaged. You can also laminate your child's drawings and turn them into placemats.

Paper placematsFind out how: parenting