You probably have a few empty shoeboxes stored in your closet, so turn them into something useful with our 20 shoebox DIY craft ideas.


Take Inspiration From Our 20 Shoebox DIY Craft Ideas

If you enjoy getting creative, there are several projects you can undertake which involve reusing empty shoeboxes. You are likely to have at least one shoebox in your home that is unused so take inspiration from our 20 shoebox DIY craft ideas and make something amazing.


1. Picnic Box

Add some fun to your lunch by turning your shoebox into a delightful picnic box with a ribbon handle. Great for those summer trips out with the kids.

Shoebox picnic box is one of the easiest Shoebox DIY Craft IdeasFind out how: 100directions


2. Wall Art

If your walls look a bit bare, then dress them up with some customized shoeboxes that look like canvas art.

Shoebox wall artFind out how: brit+Co


3. Doll House

Save money on buying new toys for your children by making a doll house out of a shoebox. Let your imagniation run wild and create something that you know your child will love.

Shoebox doll houseFind out more: pagingfunmums


4. Ribbon Storage

If you own a lot of ribbons, you probably have them stored altogether which can cause them to get mixed up and tangled. To solve this problem create a ribbon organizer out of a shoebox.

Shoebox ribbon organizerFind out how: honestywtf


5. Nail Polish Storage Box

If you have a lot of nail polishes you should consider making a pretty storage box for them. You can buy a box from the store and decorate it, but you can save some money by customizing an old shoebox.

shoebox nail polish storage box

Find out how: thebeautydepartment


6. Jewelry Organizer

Stop your jewelry getting tangled up and add thumbtacks to a shoebox lid to make a handy jewelry organizer.

shoebox jewelry organizerFind out how: homeawaits


7. Marble Maze

Create a fun marble maze for your children using a shoebox lid, craft sticks and straws. It's really simple to make and your children will love it.

Shoebox marble mazeFind out how: craftulate


8. File Caddy

Organise your household's files or magazines by turning an empty shoebox into a file caddy.

Shoebox file caddyFind out how: fabartcaddy


9. Box Shelves

Display your favorite trinkets, vases or frames in decorative shelves made out of shoeboxes.

Shoebox shelvesFind out how: cremedelacraft


10. Make Up Organizer Drawers

Tidy up your make up storage area and gather a couple of shoeboxes together to create make up organizer drawers. You can decorate them any way you like, and all your make up inside will be neatly organized.

Shoebox drawersFind out how: makeupandbeauty


11. Chalkboards

Cover shoebox lids with chalkboard paint to make your own chalkboards.

Shoebox chalkboardsFind out how: stowandtellu


12. Charging Station

Your household probably has a lot chargers for phones, cameras and mp3 players. Keep them all in one handy place by making your very own charging station out of a shoebox.

Shoebox chargerFind out how: everydayfamily


13. Projector

Nowadays you can take fantastic photos on your phone, so take the opportunity to show them off with a homemade projector using a shoebox.

Shoebox projectorFind out how: photojojo


14. Valentine's Gift Box

Turn a shoebox into a pretty heart shaped gift box with yarn weaved round it to give to your valentine.

Shoebox heart boxFind out how: happyhourprojects


15. Sticker Organizer

If you're a scrapbooker or a teacher you will have a huge collection of stickers for different occasions. To keep them all in order make a sticker organizer out of a shoebox.

Shoebox Sticker Organizer Find out how: kindercraze


16. Marker Caddy

Keep your markers all in one place by making a quick and easy marker caddy out of a shoebox and toilet roll holders.

Shoebox Marker CaddyFind out how: auntpeaches


17. Puppet Theater

Keep your children entertained by making a puppet theater using a shoebox. They'll love putting on shows for you.

Shoebox puppet theaterFind out how: thecheapluxury


18. Guitar

Encourage your children to start their own rockband by recycling an old shoebox and turning it into a homemade guitar.

Shoebox guitarFind out how: realsimple


19. Mini Foosball Table

If your children are a fan of soccer, a mini foosball table is one of the shoebox DIY craft ideas you need to try out.

Shoebox foosballFind out how: frugalfun4boys


20. Chinese Abacus

Combine a shoebox, fruit loops and twine to make this ancient counting tool for your children.

Shoebox AbacusFind out how: tsjphotography