Get inspired to create a unique design for your t-shirt by taking a look at our collection of 25 DIY t-shirt ideas we recommend you try.


25 DIY T-Shirt Ideas You Need to Consider

Instead wearing a plain boring t-shirt, make yourself stand out from the crowd with your very customized t-shirt. There are many different ways you can upcycle a t-shirt, so to help spark some inspiration we have compiled 25 DIY t-shirt ideas for you to consider.

1. Tie-Front Tank Top

Turn any t-shirt into a tank top with just some scissors, and add some simple detailing at the front by tying a knot.

Tie front topFind out how: tomboyvintage


2. Laced Up Collar Sleeves

Create a rock chic look by lacing up the sleeves of a black t-shirt.

Laced up t shirtFind out how: trashtocouture


3. Braided Neckline T-Shirt

Create a pretty braid on the neckline of a t-shirt without any additional material and just scissors and glue as tools.

Braided neckline t shirtFind out how: thegildedhare


4. Ombre Tank Top

Transform a plain white t-shirt into this cute ombre tank top perfect for summer.

Ombre tank topFind out how: vitadolcesarah


5. Peter Pan Collar T-Shirt

Make an adorable peter pan collar for your t-shirt using any color material you want.

Peter pan collar topFind out how: leafytreetopspot


6. Braided Back Tank Top

This braided back tank top requires some time and effort but the finished product makes it definitely worthwhile.

Find out how: livingwithjane


7. Bleach Dyed T-Shirt

Create a cool tie dye effect on your plain black t-shirts by using bleach.

Bleach t shirtFind out how: honestlywtf


8. Neck Cut Out T-Shirt

Create a pretty cut out pattern across the neck and sleeves of your t-shirt.

Neck cut out t shirtFind out how: lovemaegan


9. Pocket T-Shirt

If you don't have much time on your hands, you can update your t-shirt by adding a cute pocket to it. This is one of the easiest DIY t-shirt ideas for you to try and only takes ten minutes to complete.

Pocket tshirtFind out how: ohthelovelythings


10. Cut Out Cross T-Shirt

Cut out patterns on the back of your t-shirt like this cross.

Cross cut out tshirtFind out how: boatpeopleboutique


11. Halter T-Shirt

Make a halter top out of a t-shirt in minutes, with just scissors and chalk.

Halter topFind out how: wobisobi


12. Bow Back T-Shirt

Keep cool in the summer and look stylish at the same time with this t shirt featuring a bow on the back.

Bow back t shirtFind out how: collegefashion


13. Shoulder-less Blouse

Create a cute summer top out of a blouse by adding shoulder cut-outs.

Shoulderless blouseFind out how: notnu


14. Dip Dye T-Shirt

Add a burst of color to a plain white t-shirt by dip dying the bottom part of it.

Dip dye t shirtFind out how: freepeople


15. Image Transfer T-Shirt

Customize your t-shirt with an iron on transfer of a fun image or personal photograph.

Transfer t shirtFind out how: instructables


16. Slashed T-Shirt

Create a slashed effect to the back of your t-shirt with just a pair of scissors.

Slashed TshirtFind out how: wobisobi


17. Neon Striped T-Shirt

Add bright and colorful neon stripes to your t-shirt using fabric spray paint.

Neon striped tshirtsFind out how: greenandgorgeous


18. Lattice T-Shirt

Create a simple lattice design to the front of your t-shirt by cutting lines into the material and attaching it together with studs.

Lattice tshirtFind out how: wobisobi


19. Dolman Style Top

Turn an oversized t-shirt into a stylish dolman top with just a few simple stitches.

Dolman teeFind out how: trashtocouture


20. Tie Dye T-Shirt

Make a groovy t-shirt featuring all the colors of the rainbow by tie dying it.

Tie Dye T shirtFind out how: instructables


21. Cropped Tank Top

Make a cropped tank top for those hot summer days, and wear it with shorts, jeans or a skirt.

Cropped tank topFind out how: lovemaegan


22. Butterfly Twist Top

Keep cool in the summer and create this pretty butterfly twist top out of a wide fit t-shirt.

Butterfly twist t shirtFind out how: trashtocouture


23. Ruffled Sleeves Crop Top

If you decide to turn one of your t-shirts into a crop top, consider using the excess material to make ruffled sleeves.

Ruffle t shirtFind out how: lanaredstudio


24. Ladder Weave T-Shirt

Make a simple but stunning ladder weave on the back of your t-shirt.

Ladder weave topFind out how: brazenb


25. Graphic Words T-Shirt

Add your own personalised message to the front of your t-shirt using iron-on letters.

Graphic words t shirtFind out how: ispydiy