Coasters are a small but very useful household essential, as they protect our furniture and prevent unsightly rings of moisture and coffee stains on our tables.   Just because coasters are practical doesn't mean they have to be plain and boring. Why not get creative and make your own set of personalized coasters for your home. To help you decide what type of coaster you want to make, here's 30 DIY ideas for customizing coasters.

1. Wallpaper Coasters

Gather a collection of wallpaper samples and apply them to square tiles to create unique patterned coasters. You could even make ones that match the wallpaper on the walls of your home.

DIY Ideas for Customizing Coasters - Wallpaper CoastersFind out how: thethinkingcloset

2. Map Coasters

Commemorate your travels and create coasters featuring maps of locations you have visited.

Map CoastersFind out how: popsugar

3. Wine Cork Coasters

If you enjoy the occasional bottle of wine, don't throw out the corks. If you collect enough you can make coasters out of them.

Wine Cork CoastersFind out how: heartmade

4. Paper Doily Coasters

Design and cut out pretty doily shapes from scrapbook paper and stick them to tiles.

Doily CoastersFind out how: architectureofamom

5. Constellation Coasters

Create coasters that are out of this world, with these constellation patterns.

Constellation CoastersFind out how: almostmakesperfect

6. Painted Cork Coasters

Create different painted designs on cork coasters using well placed tape.

Painted Cork CoastersFind out how: thinkingcloset

7. Scrabble Tile Coasters

This is one of the more creative DIY ideas for customizing coasters as you can pick out four letters to spell out different words.

Scrabble Tile Coasters

Find out how: simplydarrling

8. Chalkboard Coasters

Paint coasters with chalkboard paint so you can write on them and even play tic tac toe.

Chalkboard CoastersFind out how: thesweetestoccasion

9. Dry Erase Coasters

Similar to chalkboard, these dry erase coasters are simple to make and you can write a fun fact or label them with your guests names so they know which coaster is theirs.

Dry Erase CoastersFind out how: jentertaining

10. Felt Coasters

Make soft and cosy coasters using felt fabric in a variety of patterns and colors.

Felt CoastersFind out how: apartmenttherapy

11. Lace Coasters

Make these elegant and sophisticated coasters by attaching a simple piece of lace.

Lace CoastersFind out how: modpodgerocks

12. Washi Tape Coasters

There are a dozens of uses for washi tape, and applying it to tiles for one of the DIY ideas for customizing coasters is just one of them.

Washi Tape CoastersFind out how: brit+co

13. Nautical Rope Coasters

Rope coasters are really easy to make and only require a glue gun and sisal rope. If you want to make them stand out use a stencil and paint to make a nautical pattern like these.

Nautical Rope Coasters

Find out how: makinghomebase

14. Pebble Coasters

Add a bit of summer to your coasters with polished river pebbles.

Pebble Coasters Find out how: creativegreenliving

15. Wood Coasters

Embrace the outdoors with these wooden coasters made from chopped branches.

Wood Coasters Find out how: instructables

16. Wooden Pallet Coasters

If you want to make wooden coasters, but would prefer ones not directly from a branch, then try making ones with pallets.

Wooden Pallet Coasters Find out how: instructables

17. Ribbon Coasters

Buy or recycle curling ribbon to make a spiral of color big enough to form a coaster.

Ribbon Coasters Find out how: chicaandjo

18. Scented Hot Pad Coasters

Ever heard of scented coasters? These coasters are filled with rice that has been mixed with scented oils, so when your hot cup of tea or coffee rests on them, it heats up the rice and lets out a nice aroma.

Scented Hot Pad Coaster

Find out how: suburble

19. Etched Glass Coasters

Etch flowers, monograms or a family name onto these glass coasters to give them a professional look.

Etched Glass Coasters

Find out how: practicallyfunctional

20. Embossed Leather Coasters

Get hold of some stiff leather and embossing folders to create these coasters which will look even better as they age.

Embossed Leather Coasters Find out how: kgdcraftermath

21. Painted Leather Coasters

If you don't want to emboss leather, one of our DIY ideas for customizing coasters is to paint them.

Painted Leather Coasters Find out how: confessionsofasecretcrafter

22. Geometric Coasters

Create cool geometric patterns by cutting out and arranging hexagon shapes on your coasters.

Geometric Coasters Find out how: cieradesign

23. Photo Coasters

Make personalised coasters with photos of your friends and family to either keep for yourself or give out as gifts.

Photo Coasters Find out how: popsugar

24. Crochet Coasters

Make pretty crochet coasters that look like flowers with a tutorial from thegreendragonfly.

Crochet Coasters

 Find out how: thegreendragonfly

25. Clay Coasters

If you want to do more than just decorate a coaster, then why not make it from scratch by creating these clay coasters.

Clay Coasters Find out how: sparkleliving

26. Comic Book Coasters

If you or someone you know is a fan of comic books then why not try crafting these coasters with different characters.

Comic Book Coasters Find out how: modgepodgerocks

27. Felt Ball Coasters

Add a splash of color to your coasters with these super soft and super colorful felt balls.

Felt Ball Coasters Find out how: inspiredbycharm

28. Painted Clothesline Coasters

Make child-friendly coasters using a clothesline, and paint them in a range of colors.

Painted Clothesline Coasters Find out how: oheverythinghandmade

29. Magazine Coasters

Recycle old magazines and turn them into sturdy round coasters.

Magazine Coasters Find out how: instructables

30. Alcohol Ink Coasters

Mix and match different colors with these fun coasters decorated with alcohol ink.

Alcohol Ink Coasters Find out how: slapdashmom