Decorating for the holidays is fun and it gets everyone into the spirit of the season, but it can be taxing on your budget. Those great decor pieces can add up quickly, leaving you stuck deciding between what you want and what you can afford. Luckily, you can have perfect decorations without going even more broke around the holidays if you make them yourself. Check out these festive DIY Christmas decor ideas on a budget to make your home pop for less.


Awesome festive DIY Christmas decor ideas on a budget

Don't settle for less when it comes to your Christmas decor this year. Make your own so your home stands out while your bank account remains healthy!


A bow wreath

Make an inventive, colorful wreath using bows.

Awesome festive DIY Christmas decor ideas on a budget - A bow wreathFind out how: designimprovised


The ladder tree

Make a ladder a Christmas tree!

The ladder treeFind out how: architecturedesigns


Gingerbread men

Gingerbread men are inexpensive, great decorations.

Gingerbread men


A festive scene

Use an apple, candle and cinnamon stick for a festive spread.

A festive scene


A holiday basket

Make a citrus holiday basket.

A holiday basket


Gingerbread house

Don't forget the gingerbread house!

Gingerbread house


A gift parcel

Wrap a small box as a gift for a festive decoration.

A gift parcel


Button tree

Use different sized buttons to make unique tree ornaments. HGTV recommends using a foam ball.

Button treeFind out how: woodhome


Homemade ornaments

Simple ornaments can be personalized with paint and glitter.

Homemade ornamentsFind out how: woodhome


Bottle Santas

De-label your empty wine bottles, combine paint and fabric and voila—instant bottle Santas!

Bottle SantasFind out how: woodhome


Candy cane vases

Any planter can be made festive by arranging candy canes around it. As noted by WhyChristmas, these treats have been part of the holidays for over two centuries!

Candy cane vases


Make some mistletoe

Use fabric to make mistletoe yourself!

Make some mistletoeFind out how: stayathomeartist


Dress up your table

Use ornaments, greenery and ribbon to make your chairs a winter wonderland.

Dress up your tableFind out how: meredith


Paper gift pieces

Use paper sleeves as decor and gifts for guests.

Paper gift piecesFind out how: meredith


Table trees

Using only fabric, you can create unique trees to liven up your holiday table.

Table treesFind out how: meredith


Holiday barn

Using a simple children's barn toy, make a holiday-themed display.

Holiday barnFind out how: countryliving


Knit a wreath

Simply arrange balls of yarn and connect them with string and glue for a homey wreath. JoAnn Fabrics recommends using small foam balls for support.

Knit a wreathFind out how: countryliving


Christmas village

Using plain card-stock pieces and wrapping paper, you can have your own holiday village.

Christmas villageFind out how: countryliving


Scrabble decor

Arrange letter tiles into holiday greetings on painted Scrabble trays for a fun piece.

Scrabble decorFind out how: countryliving


Paper trees

You can craft elegant paper Christmas trees using scrapbook paper and patterns.

Paper treesFind out how: meredith


Felt wreath

Make a colorful wreath with foam and felt.

Felt wreathFind out how: meredith


Gingerbread garland

Felt, buttons and string are all you need for gingerbread garland.

Gingerbread garlandFind out how: mirror


Felt stockings

Use felt, decorations and your flair for design to make stockings that look store-bought.

Felt stockingsFind out how: mirror


Pine cone topper

Grab some pine cones from outside and pair them with greenery for a stylish table topper.

Pine cone topper


Ornamental centerpiece

Some pine needles, ornaments and a plain serving dish are all you need for a statement centerpiece.

Ornamental centerpieceFind out how: midwestliving


Jazz up jars

Fill empty space with cheer using empty glass containers and pine branches.

Jazz up jarsFind out how: midwestliving


Branch into style

Arrange pine branches on your wall to hang cards, ornaments and more.

Branch into styleFind out how: midwestliving


Spice bouquets

Bunch together some fresh rosemary, marjoram, thyme and bay leaf for a great scent decoration for your table chairs.

Spice bouquetsFind out how: midwestliving


Natural name cards

For seating name cards, use dense stock paper, macaroni letters and a seasonal photo touch.

Natural name cardsFind out how: buzzfeed


Cookie-cutter seating tags

Use actual seasonal cookie cutters paired with small tags for names to make your seating fun when you try out these festive DIY Christmas decor ideas on a budget.

Cookie-cutter seating tagsFind out how: buzzfeed