Declutter-HomeLet’s face it: There’s one thing that every home has in common, and that’s clutter.  It’s messy, distracting, and can quickly takeover almost any room.  But clutter not only takes away from a room’s design, it also takes its toll on our peace of mind.  After all, no one wants to look at stacks of mail, or clusters of tangled cords on a daily basis. These seemingly small problems can quickly get out of control – trust me, I know – so the best way to deal with them is to nip them in the bud immediately.

Taking the time to remove clutter from your home today will make you much happier in the long run.  And with the start of a New Year upon us, this really is the perfect time to clean up and clear out your home.  Here are 5 simple ways you can combat clutter in 2014.

Sort Mail Immediately

The fastest way to accumulate clutter is to have a pile of mail that you’ll ‘get to later.’  When you get the mail, sort it immediately by putting bills in a designated cubby, and junk directly into the recycling box.

Find 10-Minutes to Tidy

It’s inevitable that things are going to start to get messy as we go through our daily routine.  Schedule ten minutes at the end of the day to put away all those things that you used throughout the day that have ended up scattered around the house.  By returning items to their proper place, you can reset your home before you go to bed and wake up with a fresh start each morning.

Clean Up Cords

With all of the electronics we have in our home, it’s no secret that cords can make even the tidiest room look like a mess.  Take a minute to make sure all of those cords are actually in use, and look for ways to run them down behind desk legs or other visual barriers if possible.  A central cord manager can be a good way to bind cords together, and keep them out of the way.

Make Your Bed

Making your bed is a quick way to make your bedroom look polished and inviting – and it takes less than five minutes. (No excuses!)  Plus, making the bed generally leads to tidying bedside tables, putting away magazines and hanging up clothes.  It’s simple tasks like these that help your bedroom become a relaxing oasis, instead of a cluttered mess. 

Forget the Credit Cards

Make a list and set a budget for your next shopping trip, taking cash with you instead of relying on credit cards.  Knowing that you have a set budget to work with will limit impulse buys and purchasing items that you don’t really need – and those two things can quickly clutter up a home.

How do you keep your house clutter free?  Share your tips in the comments below.