That’s right – wreaths aren’t just for winter. These awesome summer wreaths will keep you feeling sunny all season long.  Ditch the candy canes and pine cones and get on board with these beautiful summer wreath ideas.



 1. The Floral

Gardens are in full bloom in the summer - and a floral wreath like this one is the perfect compliment to all of that greenery.  This particular wreath is from Adorabella Wreaths, but if you have a flair for design, it would be fairly easy to make a similar one yourself.  Pick up the plain wreath base, and some colorful flowers at your local craft store, grab your glue gun and get decorating!43



2. The Flip Flopper

Sandals are one of the best things about summer!  But instead of sticking your toes into a pair of colorful flip flops, we’re turning this seasonal footwear favorite into some cool door decor.  Fox Hollow Cottage has the tutorial for this easy flip flop pool noodle wreath.  Seriously, what’s more summery than that?!44




3. The Boxwood

This classic wreath can easily get you through Spring, summer, and even take you into fall.  Plus, it’s super easy to make!  The Pink Peony of Le Jardin has the tutorial, which basically involves purchasing the largest grapevine wreath that’ll fit on your door and hot glue gunning some greenery bunches onto it.  That’s it!  Instant style.  We like the suggestion of buying extra greenery (just in case) and hanging onto your receipt so that you can return anything that you don’t use.




 4. The Beach House

Break out the margarita mix!  This simple, cute, beach cottage wreath can be made in just 15 minutes, for under $15.  Check out the tutorial at Color Me Crystal to give your front door some instant beach-worthy charm.  The only thing missing is the ocean!



5. The Beaded Wonder

There’s something about summer that puts everyone in a good mood.  And there’s something about this wooden bead wreath that’s really unique and cheerful.  It’s not your traditional wreath at all, but I feel like it captures some of that carefree energy that only seems to come around when the sun is shining.  Silly Pearl has the step-by-step tutorial, so you can get this awesome summer wreath on your front door in no time!