WorkingTogetherLiving in your home through a renovation can be incredibly stressful, especially if you’ve decided to tackle the task with your partner.  Working together on improving your home can be an experience that really brings a couple together.  But, depending on how well you work together, it can also put your relationship to the test.  How can you ensure that you’re able to beautify your home and maintain a great relationship with your partner?  Read on for our 5 tips for keeping your relationship healthy through a home renovation.


Get Support From Friends

When working on a home renovation, there will inevitably be times when you hit a snag, or feel like your momentum is waning.  But, getting some fresh insight from a third party can really you to keep your enthusiasm for the task at hand.  Friends that will compliment you on your progress are invaluable – as are ones who can bring in fresh perspective when you’re feeling stuck.  So don’t avoid having friends around just because part of your home is going through a renovation.



Enjoy Working Together

A home renovation is a good excuse to spend some extra time with your partner, and hopefully, the intense work will bring you closer together.  Choose a fun playlist to keep you motivated as you’re working away, don’t be afraid to be goofy (as long as it’s safe) and take pride in what you’re able to accomplish each day.  If you look at the project as another way to get to know your partner – rather than a large task that you just need to complete – tackling your home renovation will be a lot more fun.



Talk to Each Other

Like anything you do with your partner, communication is key.  Whatever you’re feeling – stressed, excited, de-motivated – talk to your significant other about it, rather than staying silent.  The better you’re able to communicate, the smoother the project will go.  After all, you’re in this together.  No matter how you’re feeling, don’t be afraid to speak up.  Who knows, your partner could be feeling the exact same way.



Get Into a Routine

A routine can really help – especially as you really get into a renovation.  Starting each day with a fresh coffee and treat from your local coffee shop for example, can be a great way to start the day, and spend time together away from the house before getting back to the task at hand.  Find something that works for you and your partner and stick to it.



Get Out of the House

Even though you’re probably exhausted from spending most of your free time working on your home renovation project, you need to make time to getaway.  Something as simple as going for a walk – and getting some much needed fresh air – can make a big difference to your overall mood.  Plus, it’s an opportunity to do something with your partner that doesn’t involve paint, hammers and nails.  Don’t forget to marvel at your progress when you arrive back at your house!

Undertaking a home renovation can certainly be stressful – especially if you’re tackling it with a partner.  However, it can also be a wonderful experience too, and ultimately, one that brings you both closer together.  If you can keep your relationship healthy through a home renovation, there’s a good chance that you’ll stay together through whatever life throws at you.  Now remember our tips, and get to work!