No fake plants here!  This list of above-cabinet decorating ideas can help you to amp up the style factor in your kitchen - and maybe even save you a little cupboard space.


The Menu


Showcase meals for the week, special events, or share family schedules.  Painting the space above your cabinets with chalk paint is one decorating idea that’ll help keep you organized.  Just be careful climbing all the way up there!




Perfect for setting the mood on stay at home date nights, string lights can work their magic in even the most difficult to manage spaces.  Whimsical and more than a little romantic, adding some above cabinet lighting can make your kitchen feel like a cozy restaurant.




Storing breakable items on top of your kitchen cabinets adds a personal touch to your decor - and keeps your stuff out of harms way.  Be mindful to select items that are large enough to make an impact, but not look too crowded in the space.  These jars tie in some of the metallic elements from the kitchen’s decor.


Metal Baskets


These cute metal baskets are more than just a stylish accessory - they can help you stay organized!  Giving a place to a few additional household items, the simple design of the baskets make it easy to see exactly what’s in them.  This decorating idea gets bonus points for freeing up valuable cupboard space.




These light up letters offer a bold style choice that adds a pop of colour to your decor.  Choose to highlight your family’s shared initial, or use multiple letters to spell out a special message. Don’t forget to add in other accessories to compliment the look. The cooler blue and green tones of these glass bottles really help to make the “W” stand out.




Don’t hide your favorite recipes in your cupboards - or worse yet, in a completely different room.  Show off your cookbooks where they belong: in the kitchen!  Your cookbooks can make the perfect above cabinet decor.  Just be sure you have a step stool handy so that you’re able to easily grab one whenever you need it.