CarrotGarlandIt’s hard to believe, but Easter is literally less than a week away!  Where has the time gone?  If you haven’t yet found some festive home decorations for this weekend’s Easter egg hunt, fear not: we’ve got plenty of quick Easter décor ideas that will help you get your home into the holiday spirit!

Read on to see 6 simple ways you can decorate your home for Easter.


Carrot Garland

This carrot garland is cute, easy, and perfect for the Easter bunny.  All you need is some orange and green cardstock, scalloped scissors, a stapler and a small hole punch, and some yarn so that you can string the carrots together.  The next thing you know, you’ll have an awesome piece to decorate your mantle, or hang in your home.

Visit Fiskars for instructions on how to make the carrot garland, and a few other Easter decorations, too!



Embroidery Floss Easter Eggs

Simple, pretty, and totally versatile, these Easter egg ‘ornaments’ can be hung on a tree outside your home, on a garland for your mantle piece, and even be made into an Easter wreath.  The possibilities are endless!  Your supplies?  Small balloons, embroidery floss, scissors, a pin, fabric stiffener, and string (if you choose to hand your eggs).  The key is blowing up the balloon just enough so that it realistically resembles an egg – that’s how these ornaments get their shape.

Check out Everyday Celebrating for the full step-by-step guide.



Decorative Vases

These vases make awesome table centerpieces, or accent pieces around your home –and they can be put together in minutes!  We liked these vases from because they vary in size, and use a little of the stuff that’s typically found in Easter baskets in addition to some brightly colored eggs.  Of course, you could also fill your vases with various jelly beans, peeps, or other colorful Easter candies.



Bunny-Folded Napkins

No decorations list would be complete without a little something from Martha Stewart, so we just had to include these bunny fold napkins!  Perfect for your Easter dinner, these napkins only require well-starched crisp cotton or linen and a few simple folds.

Learn how to turn napkins into bunnies at Martha



‘Chocolate’ Bunnies

Turn any bunny into a chocolate bunny with a can of brown spray paint.  (Though, we recommend trying this technique on ceramic, or plastic bunnies only.)  Find some cheap rabbit decorations at your local dollar store or consignment shop, and pick up a can of brown spray paint to decorate your home with these ‘chocolate’ treats.  The only downside?  They’re not actually chocolate so no munching!

Read more at Sew Many Ways.



Bright Boots

If you’ve got a bright, beautiful pair of rain boots stashed away that you just love, but really don’t wear enough, there is another way you can put them to good use: as Spring décor for your home!  Sure this decorating tip is missing the classic eggs and bunnies, but it’s bright, colorful, simple, and could be used all season long.  Or at least until you need your boots back.  Just fill your boots (literally) with some bright fake flowers, and tie them with a bow.

Find this idea –and a few others – for quick Easter decorating at Pure Ella.



With simple ideas like these, decorating your home for Easter has never been easier!  Now, hop to it and get decorating! (We couldn't resist.)

Happy Easter!