calmWith the kids off for Spring Break, you may have noticed that your morning routine got a little easier.  It can be a challenge to get everyone ready and out the door on time in the mornings – especially with little ones.  However, with a little preplanning, it’s easy to start the day off feeling good rather than feeling rushed. Click ‘Next’ to take a look at our 6 tips for getting the kids ready for school in the morning with ease, and put an end to morning madness!

1. Be the First One Up: Get dressed and have a shower before your kids get out of bed.  Most of the time, it’s worth losing that extra bit of sleep for some time to yourself each morning.  Plus, it’s a lot faster getting ready without having to worry about what the little ones are doing.


2. Get the Kids Involved: Even with young kids, take the time to get them involved in creating a list of tasks that need to happen every weekday morning.  You can use this list to create a simple chart, and the kids can check off each item as they move through their routine.  This guide is a great way to ensure everything is complete before your children go off to school.


3. Start the Night Before: Doing as much as you can the night before can really help you to avoid the morning rush.  Have the kids choose their clothes for the next day before bedtime, and lay everything out – including their socks, underwear, and any hair accessories they may want to use, too.  Get them involved in helping you prepare lunches, and have them put their completed homework into their backpacks.


4. Use Alarm Clocks: Let your kids choose their own wake up time as soon as possible, and get them an alarm clock to help them get up.  Rather than having to go into their rooms ever morning, the alarm clock will help them to create the habit of waking up on their own.  In addition, it helps to show them that getting up on time is their responsibility, not yours.


5. Limit Distractions: Avoid television, email or phone calls in the morning in order to remain focused on the morning routine.  That includes kids, too.  Keep them moving through their tasks as efficiently as possible so they don’t get sidetracked by iPad games, or cartoons when they should be getting ready for school.


6. Stay Calm: When you’re in a hurry, it’s easy to get impatient.  Rather than rushing your kids, remain calm and ask questions to move things along.  Instead of nagging, nudge them towards their next step by asking them things like, ‘what’s next on the list of things to do this morning?.’  Of course, there will be times when you know you’re going to be late and can’t change it.  Those moments are an opportunity to set a good example on how to handle frustration and life’s ups and downs.  By remaining calm, you’re helping to ensure your morning – and your kids morning – starts off on the right foot.


With a couple months of the school year left, now is the perfect time to work on your morning routine.  Setting good habits today can help make your mornings less stressful for years to come.