Your front yard is the first thing people see when they approach your home – and its landscaping plays a vital role in your home’s overall curb appeal. Beautiful front yard landscaping is more than just having a green lawn. It’s enhancing your property with flowers, shrubs, trees, planters and stone in order to highlight the size of your house and its location on your property.

Read on for our 6 tips for beautiful front yard landscaping.



1. Focus

All good design has a focal point – and in the front yard, most often that’s the front door. When planning your landscaping, it’s important to ensure any large plantings, like trees and bushes, frame the door rather than hide it. That makes your home seem more inviting and open.



2. Stay the Path

If you’re landscaping your front yard, you’ll want to include a path from the driveway to the front door. While a curved path to the door is nice, don’t let it weave around too much – you and your guests will appreciate a direct root to the entrance of your home.



3. Plant for the Long Term

When you’re planting bushes and shrubs in your front yard, think about what they’ll look like in a few years, rather than what they look like now. You won’t want to plant anything that could block your windows and prevent natural light from entering your home. The same holds true for any flowers that you’re planting alongside your house – rather than press them right up against the perimeter of your home, keep them back a bit to allow your plants some room to grow.



4. Let There be Light

Your house is a huge object that will block out the sun, or at least part of it, everyday. That means that you’ll need to plan your plant selection accordingly. Knowing which way your home faces is an important part of choosing which flowers and shrubs to plant in your yard. For example, if your home faces north, your front yard isn’t likely to get great light. However, if it faces east or west, if may get sun for part of the day, and little to no sun for the rest.



5. Accent the Drive

Something simple like adding a boarder of stones or cement pavers to the edge of your driveway can really enhance the look of a basic asphalt drive, giving it a more finished and expensive look. If you’re already adding a walkway, the cost of getting some extra stones to line your driveway should be minimal – especially when considering the instant added curb-appeal.



6. Add a Flowering Tree

If you’re thinking about including some trees in your front yard landscaping, a flowering tree could be a good option. They’re considered a permanent fixture in the landscape, so be sure to keep it a good distance from the house in order to allow for growth. Why a flowering tree specifically? Not only does it create instant curb appeal, flowering trees tend to be smaller than their leafy counterparts – ensuring that they won’t block your house. Plus they provide wonderful color and scent when they’re in bloom!


It takes more than a fresh green lawn to give your home some awesome curb appeal. Ensure your home makes a wonderful first impression by considering these 6 front yard landscaping tips.