Though bathrooms are often among the smaller rooms in a house, they’re responsible for holding plenty of stuff.  Toilet paper, towels, hair dryers, makeup, styling products and the like can take up a lot of space – especially if you’re sharing a bathroom with a partner, or kids.  However, with some smart storage solutions, you’ll find that you’ve got space for all of the essentials and maybe a little more, too.  These aren’t your typical bathroom cabinets.  See 8 clever bathroom storage ideas.

Hanging Baskets

Install baskets or crates form your local craft store sideways on your wall to create shelves for a pretty way to store your stuff.  If you’re really creative, see if you can find baskets of different colors and sizes to pump up your bathroom’s décor.

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Stacked Baskets

If you’ve got a small space with no room to hang baskets, stacking them works too.  Stack wicker baskets with lids by the sink for easy access to toilet paper and other bathroom supplies without needing to cram it into your existing cabinets.

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Magnetic Strips

A magnetic strip is the perfect place for your tweezers, nail scissors and hair pins.  Available at your local craft store, simply install the magnet on the inside of your bathroom cupboard.  This not only frees up cabinet space but gives you easy access to these items that you likely use on a regular basis.

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Extra Hooks

Adding some hooks to your bathroom closet means that you’re able to get your blow dryer or flat iron off the counter or free from the bottom of a cabinet.  It looks neater when everything has a place, and this easy solution means more space for other products with quick access to the styling tools that you use the most.

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Creative Containers

Re-use containers to add some extra storage options in the bathroom.  For example, a Mason jar makes a great Q-Tip holder, while a desktop tray could be used as a multi-level storage unit for colognes, hair products, lotions, and other items.  You probably already have some wonderful items that can be used for bathroom storage in your home.  Finding them just takes a little creativity.

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DIY Displays

Just like finding creative uses for some containers in your home, you can also find some innovated ideas for displaying your stuff.  We love this wine rack repurposed as a towel holder!  Not only does getting those towels out of the closet free up plenty of space, it also looks great!

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Hidden Compartments

If you’ve tried these solutions and are still stuck for storage, it’s a good idea to find something that will do double duty.  A mirrored cabinet for instance is perfect to hang above the sink, while providing some added space for additional bathroom storage.  The subtler the piece the better it’ll fit with your bathroom’s existing décor.

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It’s not always easy to find storage you need in a bathroom, however, these simple tips should help you to maximize the space you’ve got.  With a little creativity, it is possible to keep everything in its place – even if you’re working with a small space.