These upgrades are so simple, they can be done in a weekend.  And best of all, they’ll add real value to your home.  If you’re thinking about selling your house - or just looking for an easy DIY that’s worth your time, you’ve come to the right place.  Click ‘Next’ to see 7 easy upgrades that increase the value of your home.



1. Make a Good First Impression

A good way to increase your home’s value is to ensure that it makes a good first impression.  Therefore, it’s important to take a minute to give your house a little curb appeal.  Paint your front door, add some flower pots, and keep your lawn well groomed.



2. Update Kitchen Hardware, or Backsplash

Often the gathering place for entertaining family and friends, the kitchen is most definitely the heart of every home - so be sure to keep it healthy!  Updating outdated cupboard hardware is an easy way to give your kitchen a little refresh, as is adding a new kitchen backsplash.  Some backsplashes are so simple to install, you just need to peel and stick.shutterstock_230907577



3. Paint Kitchen Cabinets

This is definitely one of the more time consuming projects on our list, however, done right, painting your cabinets can take years off your kitchen.  A coat of paint will transform the look of the space, add value to your home, and is certainly well worth the extra effort.



4. Add a New Light Fixture

A new light fixture is a quick and easy way to brighten up any space.  Add a statement chandelier over the dining room table, or an on-trend pendant light to the laundry room to bring surprising style to a usually dull space.  If a brand new light simply isn’t in your budget, a fresh coat of paint may be able to breathe new life into an old favorite.shutterstock_81322711



5. Freshen up High Traffic Areas

If you’ve been in your home a while, you may notice certain areas could use a little extra love.  I’m talking about the walls of the front entrance that have some marks on them, or the baseboards in the family room that are looking a bit scuffed.  Grab a can of paint, put on an awesome playlist and rid your home of those little blemishes.shutterstock_94782823


6. Update Faucets

These days faucets have a lot more functionality - and style - so adding a new fixture to your kitchen or bathroom can pack a big punch.  Plus, it’s a relatively simple plumbing project that first time DIY-ers can take on themselves.  Just don’t forget to shut off the water valves before you begin!shutterstock_95487145



7. Transform the Garage

With a couple of shelves, a can of paint, and some outdoor curtains, you can easily transform your garage into an adorable storage space.  The shelves add an extra place to store seasonal items, and the curtains provide a little color while keeping your stuff hidden.  Painting your garage door adds a little pop of style to what’s usually a humdrum area of the home.enhanced-buzz-19028-1398392299-16