7 Inventive Ideas for a Tree House

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By: Lisa Evans
Published: June 27, 2017
Last Update: February 12, 2023
Warm, sunny Spring and Summer days spent playing in a tree house is every child’s dream. If you were lucky enough to have one when you were growing, maybe you now want to make one for your children. Getting outside to play is very important and so is giving them some safe independence - a place they can call their own. To share the joy you felt as a child, here are some wonderfully inventive tree house ideas that you could install in your back yard:

#1 Elevated House with Slide Escape

If for some reason, building around or in a tree is not possible then the next best thing is the elevated tree house. Essentially, a playhouse on stilts, the kids will love planning adventures, spying on you and hiding treasures in their special elevated position. It will make them feel like VIPs. Adding a slide as an escape route will be even more exciting and adding other features like a mini picnic table and attractive décor or bright paint will almost certainly seal the deal. The only trouble will be getting to come back inside again! #1 Elevated House with Slide Escape

#2 Suspended Spherical Tree House

Imagine a spherical room that is literally suspended from a tree branch by rope attachments. This is one tree house that is so unique, everyone in the neighbourhood will want one. Inside you can put anything you want, toys, a table and even a bed for the ultimate slumber party! Obviously, you’ll need some type of rope ladder to reach the door and be confident about the strength of the branches.

#2 Suspended Spherical Tree HouseSource

#3 Hemloft Tree House

This is another sphere-shaped house design with a bridge of steps leading to the door. The unique thing about this design is that instead of building the house into a gap in the branches, this house is built to completely surround the trunk of the tree. Your kids will love having the trunk as the center piece of their little house and you can make it even more realistic with the addition of windows and possibly a fun, winding staircase too.

#3 Hemloft Tree HouseSource

#4 Swing Set Tree House

Cleverly combine a tree house and play equipment with this fun design. Build your house under a tree and extend out from the roof with a beam of decking lumber to hang swings from. Hey presto, a cool clubhouse and swing set combo! Alternatively, construct a house in the tree and use a sturdy branch to turn into a natural swing set with some rope and board to sit on. This design is ideal if you don’t want play equipment strewn across the yard but prefer the idea of focusing one area for your children’s playtime.

#4 Swing Set Tree HouseSource

#5 2 Storey House

If you are building on the ground then why not have 2 storeys and incorporate the base of the trunk inside your house? This way you can have double the play area and build up and out around the tree branches. This is a tree house with extra living space and must surely be considered the deluxe version. #5 2 Storey House

#6 Double-Tree Tree House

On the theme of deluxe ideas, you don’t get much more deluxe than building a huge tree house spanning two trees and not just one. Alternatively, two tree houses built in different trees with a rope bridge connecting them.  How much fun and adventure could your children have with multiple houses and an epic bridge hanging between the two fortresses! You might just find you’ve got all the neighbourhood kids in there too! #6 Double-Tree Tree House

#7 Star Wars Design

This is one of the most inventive tree house ideas and every little boy’s dream play house. Shaped like an AT-AT Walker from Star Wars, this shape is actually quite straight forward to put together and it’s essentially a box on legs. This design was seen on YouTube and completed with cheap materials purchased on eBay. It features a cool mechanical step ladder, a commander front seat and even a games console! Fill this awesome den with all the things that boys love and you may not see your little ones for some time! This tree house even has a moving head and pretend guns for re-enacting those galactic battles against the Rebel alliance.

#7 Star Wars DesignSource