Small spaces can be cozy, inviting, and incredibly stylish.  However, finding room for all of your stuff can make small space living a little challenging.  Many of the tried and true rules of decorating tend to overlook the struggles that can come with occupying a small area.  But we’re here to tell you that it is possible to have a tiny room that’s both cozy and functional - provided you avoid these 7 small space decorating mistakes.  Click “Next” to read more.

1.  Thinking Horizontally

A small room may not have too much space on the ground - but most people forget about the space on their walls.  Floating shelves provide additional storage space, and help to draw the eye upwards - giving the illusion of more space.
think horizontal

2.  Folding Your Clothes

Let’s face it: we all could probably use a little extra space in our closet.  Rather than folding your clothes, using hangers - especially those cascading ones - can save you plenty of space.  In fact, you’ll probably even be able to fit a shoe rack underneath it all!

Folding your clothes

3.  Buying Regular Furniture

With so many furniture options available, you should be able to find pieces that will work a double shift.  Investing in a headboard with hidden shelving down the side, or an ottoman that doubles as hidden storage space helps to ensure everything has a place.
Buyng regular furniture

4.  You’re Choosing Dark Colors

Too many dark hues can make an already small space appear much smaller.  Lighter shades on the other hand, help to open up a room and make it feel larger.   It’s something to do with the reflection of light - and that makes mirrors, and bright pops of color welcome accessories in any tiny space. dark colours

5.  Your Drawers Aren’t Organized

If your drawers are a jumbled mess of random items (yeah, mine are too) - you’re not making the best use of that space.  Sure, drawer dividers may result in sacrificing a few millimeters of space, but with a little organization, you’ll be able to make the most of what you’ve got.  Plus, you’ll actually be able to find stuff! Bonus!
your drawer aren't organized

6.  You’re Not Maximizing That You’ve Got

With a little creativity, it may be possible to find additional storage space - or maybe even space for a small office or reading nook.  You just need to think outside of traditional home decor rules.  For example, this space beneath the stairs has made good use of a normally awkward space.  It’s now the perfect place to house a wine rack, your favorite souvenirs, or a large book collection.not maximizing

7.  You Keep Everything

When you’re living in a small space, anything that you don’t really need, or doesn’t serve a purpose, has to go.  Otherwise you’ll quickly find yourself stressed out by all of the stuff that’s cluttering up your space.  Make a point to donate, trash, or sell, anything that you haven’t used in the last six months, and watch the calmness pour over your keep changing everything