7 Skinny Homes That are Amazing on the Inside

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By: Heather Boag
Published: October 29, 2015
Last Update: February 12, 2023
Most of us feel like we could use a little extra space in our home.  But these skinny houses make the most of what they’ve got!  If you’re looking for a little design inspiration, look no further.  These awesome homes will get you thinking about living with less.  Click “Next” to see 7 skinny homes that are amazing on the inside.

1. Shipping Container Home: Antwerpen, Belgium

Designed by Sculp(IT) this skinny home is made entirely of shipping containers - and each floor is dedicated to a specific function.  Downstairs is for work, dining is on the first floor, relaxing on the second, and sleeping on the third.  The top floor is reserved for enjoying the view from the giant hot tub! shipping container1 shipping container2 shipping container3 shipping container4

2. Eel’s Nest: Los Angeles, California

Employees at Anonymous Architects spent a lot of time fine tuning the design for this narrow Los Angeles home, and their hard work has paid off.  Modern, sleek, and plenty of natural light make this home a standout in the neighbourhood.  However, living in small quarters can be a challenge.  “It’s amazing how important one inch of space becomes when you’re dealing with such a confined width,” the firm’s Principal said in an interview. Els nest1 Els nest2 Els nest3 Els nest4 Els nest5

3. Silver House: London, England

The architects at Boyarsky Murphy managed to squeeze a very narrow home between two older buildings in this London neighbourhood.  But while the home may compromise in space, it certainly doesn’t lack in style.  The modern building’s street frontage is less than 3 meters wide, but with lots of natural light - and a light, neutral interior - the space is cozy and inviting. silver house1 silver house2 silver house3 silver house4

4. Glass House: Osaka, Japan

All of the natural light in this Fujiwarramuro Architects designed home helps it to feel much more spacious than it actually is.  The open floor plan and ultra high ceilings draw the eye up, and the simplicity of the furnishings only enhances the home’s sleek, modern style.  No packrats allowed! glass house1 glass house2 glass house3

5. Anh House: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Designed by Sanuki + Nishizawa, this four storey family home is another interpretation of the Vietnamese tube house.  To keep the home bright and airy, the architects introduced light wells, exposed staircases, and created flexible partitions to maximize the amount of natural light that could be let into the home. anh house1 anh house2 anh house3 anh house4

6. Townhouse: Landskrona, Sweden

This skinny home fills a five meter gap in a formerly vacant street lined with traditional terraced cottages.  The unconventional ceiling heights allowed for three floors to be created and an overall height that aligns well with the neighbouring rooftops.  It also helped architects at Elding Oscarson to create a kitchen, dining, living, and bedroom spaces that span the width of the home. townhouse1 townhouse2 townhouse3 townhouse4 townhouse5

7. Bedford Street, Greenwich Village, New York City

Even if you’re not from New York, you’ve probably heard that most Manhattan apartments are as small as they are expensive.  But this 9.5 ft wide Bedford Street home is small - even by New York City standards.  Luckily it comes with a surprising amount of storage space for a small place!bedford