7 Unique Sinks for Your Home

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By: Heather Boag
Published: July 16, 2015
Last Update: February 12, 2023
Things like sinks and faucets can make a big impact in your home.  And these unique sinks are certainly a big style statement!  If you’re planning on updating your kitchen or bathroom, you’re going to want to check out our list first.  Cool, fun, and totally different, these sinks will definitely inspire you!

1. The Calla Lily

A stunning freestanding sink that looks more like a sculpture, the gorgeous design of this sink turns a basic necessity into a work of art.  Perfect for bathrooms or powder rooms with a natural, modern, or floral theme, this sink is a beautiful addition to your decor.  And don’t let the lack of storage deter you - simply add a mirrored cabinet above the sink to keep toiletries hidden away.6-Organic-basin-shape-600x719

Image: cdn.home-designing.com

2. The Wave Sink

Boasting lots of modern style, this ‘Water Water’ sink is sleek, modern and stylish.  Designed to look like crashing waves as the water from the integrated faucet pours into the bowl, this sink will have you and your guests looking for excuses to wash your hands.

10-Integated-basin-faucetImage: cdn.home-designing.com

3. The Cooking Sink

The integrated chopping board on this unique sink makes cooking - and cleanup - a breeze!  The wood finish gives it a classic look that’ll fit in easily with different decorating styles.  From Philips, this sink is a wonderful combination of form and function.

3-Sink-with-integrated-chopping-board-600x507Image: cdn.home-designing.com

4. The Aquarium Sink

This sleek sink doubles as a place to keep a few pets!  The Moody Aquarium Sink comes with a sand bed, as well as built in filtration and lighting to keep your gilled friends happy and healthy.  Innovative, and a major statement piece, this multi-purpose sink is sure to be a hit with kids, and those who are kids at heart.a96808_a505_acquarium-sink2

Image: oddee.com

5. The Pipeless Sink

Maximize storage space - and style - with this beautiful Pipeless Sink!  Usually drainpipes are visible in the cupboards of your vanity, taking up valuable space.  This sink’s design allows you to keep unsightly pipes hidden, as the water flows along the slot of the front of the basin and back into the connection in the wall.a96808_a505_pipeless-sink

Image: oddee.com

6. The Spiral Sink

The flow of water can be incredibly beautiful - and this sink only accentuates one of nature’s amazing creations.  Extending the route your sink’s water must take before it goes down the drain, this wonderful sink is shaped like the imprint of a seashell.  Best of all, it’s a work of art even when the water’s not flowing - the splash patterns that remain after the tap is turned off become part of the sink’s ever-changing design.

a96808_a505_spiral-sinkImage: oddee.com

7. The Toilet-Sink Combo

The ultimate space-saving solution, this toilet-sink combo by Profile is the first on the market to feature a dual-flush push button and spout arrangement that saves the water normally used when hands are washed in a separate bin.  This innovative toilet’s flush cycle controls the flow of fresh water through the basin spout, allowing time for a thorough hand washing before that same water fills the cistern tank.

a96808_a505_comboImage: oddee.com