7 Unique Table Centrepiece Ideas

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By: Heather Boag
Published: July 16, 2015
Last Update: February 12, 2023
Whether you’re getting married, hosting a party, or are looking for something special to sit on your table, you’ll be inspired by this list of unique table centerpiece ideas.  Beautiful, stylish, and easy to make yourself, these centerpieces are easy to match with your decor, and can perfectly compliment almost any theme.

Herb Garden

herb-garden-centerpieceImage: howtonestforless.com

This beautiful herb garden centrepiece from Martha Stewart is one of our favorite ideas on this list.  Not only can the fresh herbs be clipped and used in cooking as needed, they also look great and make the room smell amazing!  Martha has the tutorial for making the cute picket fence planter, or you can simply plant your favorite herbs in a stylish vase.  No crafting required!

Photo Tree

photo-tree-diy-centerpieceImage: howtonestforless.com

Photos are awesome! They’re personal, they’re great conversation starters, and they’re also typically underused when it comes to decor.  Sure most people have a few pictures on the wall, but it’s hard to find ways to incorporate a lot of photos into a space without it feeling cluttered.  Enter this wonderful photo tree centerpiece from Shanty 2 Chic.  Perfect for a party or special event, this photo tree is easy to make and supplies cost under $15!

Wine Cork Candle Holder

wine+cork+candle+holder+71Image: howtonestforless.com

We hope you have some wine chilling, because this unique centrepiece requires a lot of corks!  Perfect for your dining room table, this wine cork candle holder is so easy to make, crafting experience isn’t required.  One thing you do need to be good at?  Drinking wine!  How else are you going to get all of those corks?  You also need two glass cylinders (one large and one small) and a candle.  [Two Twenty One]

Gold Painted Bottle Vases

1451fb448a515030747c46dc5842fc6bImage: pinimg.com

Stop! Before you put out your recycling for the week, check to see if you have any neat looking bottles.  If you do, you may want to set them aside to make this simple centerpiece that’s guaranteed to match your decor.  Simply remove any labels (a good soak will help), grab a can of your favorite colored spray paint, and pick up a few fresh blooms.  [Wedding Chicks]

Citrus Blooms

1e6315bf6cc70ff758a0326077c822c6Image: pinimg.com

The lemons add a beautiful pop of color to this easy centerpiece that’s perfect for entertaining.  Simply purchase lemons, some white flowers and a few mason jars, and you’re all set.  Actually, adding lemons to the water can help your flowers to last longer.  So you’re not only making a gorgeous centerpiece, but you’re making the most of those wonderful fresh flowers!

Lollipop Tree

6eb0244234ee9d2077fe27ea936a57d0Image: pinimg.com

Kids, and kids at heart will certainly appreciate this candy centerpiece.  All you need is a plant pot, a styrofoam ball, and a bag of your favorite lollipops.  Meet the Dubiens suggests Dum Dums, but if you’re feeling really ambitious (and happen to be a baker) I bet this would totally work with cakepops, too.  Note: If anyone does try this with cakepops, I am totally available for sampling!

Candles and Wine Glasses

40-glamorous-dark-purple-wedding-inspirational-ideas-33-500x750Image: weddingomania.com

With some candles and a few flowers, you can totally transform a wine glass into a fabulous centerpiece!  Of course, it means that you’ll have less wine glasses for actual drinking, but a trip to your local dollar store should help remedy that.  They typically have wine glasses for sale - meaning you can keep the good stuff for your guests, and create these gorgeous centerpieces on a budget! [Wedding O Mania]