8 Easter Décor Ideas

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By: Lisa Evans
Published: March 4, 2015
Last Update: February 12, 2023
Despite what you may be seeing outside, spring is on its way.  And these Easter decor ideas will definitely put you in the mood for the upcoming season!  Click ‘Next’ to see 8 easy ways you can decorate your home for Easter.

Egg Shell Potted Plants

egg shell spotted plants Nothing says spring like fresh greens - and planting flowers and succulents in eggshells makes for gorgeous Easter decor!  Rinse out your eggshells, and add dirt or potting soil, and some of your favorite greenery.  Bonus: paint the shells before planting your arrangements for an added Easter touch. [Yes Missy]

Colorful Peeps & Jelly Bean Vase

Colorful Peeps This cheerful vase makes an excellent Easter centerpiece.  Plus you can eat it later!  All you need is two glass vases (one large and one small), your favorite Easter treats, and a bunch of flowers, to put this simple decor idea together.  Place the smaller vase inside the larger one, and then line the space between them with candy.  Once that’s finished, add the flowers to the small vase and you’ve got a bright, beautiful, Easter-themed vase. [Home Talk]

Hydrangea Easter Egg

Hydrangea Easter Egg You’ll want to keep these beautiful hydrangea covered eggs in your home for the whole season, not just for Easter!  Best of all, they’re easy to make.  All you need is a large plastic egg, some faux hydrangeas, a hot glue gun, and a stand to display your work.  A word to the wise: if you don’t want the egg color to show through, you’ll want to paint it first - either white, or the color of the hydrangea. [The Sweet Survival]

Green Wheat Grass

Green Wheat Grass Fresh green grass is synonymous with spring, and Country Girl Home tells you how to grow your own.  This fresh look will keep your home looking beautiful all season long - but you can certainly add to it for the Easter holiday.  Hide Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, or other treats in the grass for cute holiday decor.

Modern, Glitter Easter Eggs

Glitter Easter Eggs These glittery Easter eggs are the perfect modern holiday decor.  Before you can get down to decorating though, you’ll need to blow out the egg.  Sound complicated?  Not really.  The Girl Inspired walks you through how to do it step by step.  On the other hand, if you’d like to get the kids involved in egg decoration, A Thrifty Mom shows you how to dye Easter eggs with melted crayons.

Peep Topiaries

Peep Topiaries If you’re feeling crafty, this large Peep topiary makes an excellent Easter addition to your front door step.  Budget friendly, and totally do-it-yourself, the folks over at Craft-O-Matic walk you through each step.  All you need is some Styrofoam, scissors, a can of spray paint, black acrylic paint and a small brush (for the face), and a planter.

Easter Chickies

Easter Chickies These adorable Easter chickies are the perfect alternative to a wreath - and they’re incredibly easy to make.  Pick up some branches the next time you’re out for a walk, and you’ve already got the first piece of this craft.  The chicks you can find at craft stores, or if you’re lucky, maybe even at your local dollar store.  Hot glue the chicks to the branch, tie the ends with ribbon, and you’re done! [Annaboos House]

Easter Mason Jars

Easter Mason Jars These adorable Easter Mason Jars are perfect for holding candy, flowers, or other holiday treats!  Even if your mason jars are brand new, you’ll need to clean them with rubbing alcohol before you begin in order to get rid of any oils or residue that could prevent the spray paint from sticking.  Next, spray paint your jars with smooth even strokes, allowing them to dry between coats to avoid dripping.  Get the full instructions from Number 2 Pencil.