8 Tips for Displaying Artwork in your Home

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By: Vicky Carroll
Published: July 4, 2016
Last Update: February 25, 2023
What you hang on the walls of your home is very important to provide cohesion to a space. Knowing how and where to hang art though is something that interior decorators, artists and art gallery owners have special knack for. Learn some of how they look at homes walls and decide how and where to hang art to best highlight the art and make the home feel warm and inviting.

1. Pick the same frames for gallery wall

When planning to create a gallery wall buy all the frames together so that they match. When frames are uniform it allows the eye to be less distracted and focus on the content inside the frames.Pick the same frames for gallery wall

2. Lighting above art-pieces

Artwork, like anything else you want to display in the home needs to be property illuminated. Having a built in light above a prominent piece of art is a way to ensure that it is seen.Lighting above art-pieces

3. Add art behind desks or utilitarian pieces

A desk should be a place of inspiration and what better way to inspire yourself than to place a piece of artwork behind a desk.Add art behind desks or utilitarian pieces

4. Create a theme

Displaying black and white photography on a theme will bring cohesion. For example, display nature photographs together or family photos.Create a theme

5. Place artwork at eye-level

While it seems self-explanatory placement of art on the wall neither too high nor too low, is key to drawing the eye in. If artwork is displayed too high or too low you typically are distracted away from the piece itself and it seems out of place.Place artwork at eye-level

6. Display art on a Feature Wall

A feature wall does exactly what it sounds like, it will feature something you want people to see. If there is contract between the color of the feature wall and the art piece then the work of art will further stand out.Display art on a Feature Wall

7. Think of the size of a piece

When you have a sizeable piece of furniture and a sizeable wall you will want to pick a piece of art that is proportionate to it. Hanging a piece of art that is almost the same size as a piece of furniture will anchor it. Also avoid having a large wall filled with art pieces that are too small as they only draw attention to the size of the room and look out of place in contrast.Think of the size of a piece

8. Express your creativity with unique frames

Create a display wall with distinct frames arranged into a cluster. The unique frame shapes, sizes and colors will draw you in visually and is a way to express your personality.Express your creativity with unique frames