8 Ways to Decorate Your Home for Valentine’s Day

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By: Lisa Evans
Published: January 30, 2014
Last Update: February 6, 2023

Love is in the air – and that’s because the arrival of Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  And there’s nothing that we love more than decorating!  There are plenty of ways to incorporate some stylish and festive Valentine’s Day décor into your home.  Often, the holiday’s red and pink shades add some much needed warmth and a pop of color during these final winter months.  Read our tips, and check out our gallery below for your Valentine’s Day décor inspiration.

Decorate with Valentine’s Day Treats

You know those vases, or decorative jars that are hiding in your cupboard?  Get them out, and fill them with some Valentine’s Day treats!  This idea doesn’t just look modern and stylish, it’s delicious too.  Your guests will definitely approve.

Decorate with Valentine's Day Treats

Paint Mason Jars and Fill with Flowers

If you’re looking for an idea to incorporate red and pink without too many hearts, painting mason jars is a definite possibility – plus, it’s easy to do.  Simply choose your colors, and fill with fresh flowers.  Here’s a quick tutorial.

Paint Mason Jars

Hang a Wreath on Your Front Door

This ‘XO’ wreath is so cute, you’ll want to keep it up there all month long.  Plus, it gives your home definite curb appeal.  If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day craft, a wreath could be a great choice – and you’ll find plenty of inspiration on Pinterest.

Hang a Wreath

Make a Heart Garland

Maybe it’s something to do with the fact that we’ve just finished the Christmas season, but it seems to me like garlands are coming back in a big way.  No longer reserved for Christmas alone, we’ve seen garlands for practically every occasion, and Valentine’s Day is no exception!  Make your own out of burlap or craft paper to make your home feel more festive.

Make a Heart Garland

 Customize Dishtowels

If you enjoy sewing, this Valentine’s Day decorating tip is for you!  Visit your local dollar store and find some plain red, white or pink dishtowels to decorate with your leftover scraps of fabric.  This decorating idea is quick, easy, and right on budget  [via A Little Claireification].

Customize Dishtowels

Paint Craft-Store Letters

Anyone who has ever frequented a craft store has come across those plain wooden block letters – and the arrival of Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for you to show off your painting skills!  Spell ‘LOVE’ or pick up an ‘XO’ if you’re strapped for time, and hand paint those letters to display in your home.

Paint Craft Store Letters

Frame Your Favorite Love Song

If you and your special someone have a favorite song, why not put it on display?  Print sheet music and frame it – decorate with a love note if you’ve got some extra time.

Frame Your Favorite Love Song

Get Crafty with Candles

Candles and romance often go hand in hand – so Valentine’s Day is a great time to use candles to give your home a cozy feel.  Decorate plain white candles with twine, and small hearts, or letters to really give them a festive Valentine’s Day look.

Get Crafty with Candles

Get ready for Valentine’s Day by adding some simple accents to make your home feel more festive.  Happy decorating!