Even the most beautiful homes can have a few awkward spaces.  Most often they’re found in the corners of a room.  Those weird in-between places don’t always have a neat and tidy decorating solution, so they’re often overlooked and find themselves in the forgotten land of decorating limbo.  Learn how you can transform those small unused spots into beautiful spaces that compliment the room.  Read on to see how you can make use of awkward corners in your home.

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1. Use a Sectional

Most rooms can use a little extra seating - and adding a sectional, or curved sofa is a functional way to make use of an awkward corner.  Don’t be concerned if your room is a little on the small side.  In fact, a large piece of furniture, like a sectional, can actually anchor the space and make it feel more inviting.shutterstock_253906168

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2. Add a Ladder

A ladder can be the perfect accessory for an awkward corner, keeping it looking open without making it look forgotten.  Doubling as a place to store your cozy blankets, a little cottage paint can help your ladder fit in perfectly with your decor.

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3. Go Green

There are plenty of good reasons to add plants to your interior decor.  They help clean the air, they offer beautiful colors and textures, and they’re a wonderful addition to that awkward corner that you hate.  A plant’s natural beauty can help offset a corner’s hard angles with its branches and leaves.shutterstock_165056174 (1)

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4. Think in Circles

The lack of hard lines in a round console or table help them fit perfectly in those awkward corners.  Plus, a round table can seat more people than a square or rectangular one, so you have the extra bonus of fitting more bodies into what was once an unused space.

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5. Display your Stuff

An awkward corner can be the perfect place to show off your hobbies, or favorite souvenirs - provided they’re big enough to not be swallowed up by the rest of the space.  Things like surf boards, canoe paddles, and guitars tend to work well on display.  Best of all, this frees up space somewhere else in the house.

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6. Add Some Shelves

Corner shelves add extra display and storage space - and help to turn that awkward corner into one that’s functional.  Easy to assemble or build yourself if you’re feeling handy, corner shelves are designed for tight spaces.  Best of all, they’re simple enough to add in a weekend.

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7. Angle your Television

Let’s be honest, trying to fit a television into your decor is awkward anyway, so why not use it to fill that empty space?  Placing it in a corner gets it out of the way, and makes use of an otherwise forgotten area.  Angle the TV so that it can still be seen from your favorite chair.

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8. Find a Corner Table

Once upon a time, somebody - probably somebody who lived in a really small apartment - got smart and designed a table that fits perfectly into corners.  Perfectly functional while taking up the least amount of space possible, these corner tables offer an wonderful solution for that awkward space.Giuli-3

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