Your master bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s a place where you can escape for some alone time, unwind after a long day, and curl up with a good book. Unfortunately, it’s also usually the last room in the house to get any attention, and is a space where laundry can pile up taller than the Empire State building. If your master bedroom could use a soothing makeover, you’ve come to the right place. Click “Next” to see 8 ways to make your master bedroom more relaxing.


1. Decorate with Soothing Colors

When it comes to creating a relaxing sanctuary, the colors you choose are paramount. The walls, which frame your space, should be painted in a soft, soothing shade. Pops of color can add interest, but be wary of anything that’s too bright and bold. Instead, look for neutrals that enhance the feeling of calmness.soothing colours


2. Invest in Good Furniture

A bed is typically the centerpiece of a bedroom, so it’s important that it looks warm and inviting. Investing in good quality bedroom furniture, in particular, a good headboard, can add an element of luxury and work to emphasize your bed as the room’s focal point. The pieces that you choose, whether contemporary or traditional, will set the mood for the space.invest in good furniture


3. Know Your Linens

Generally you should change your bed linens with the season. That means light, breathable fabrics in the summer, and heavier fabrics, like flannels and furs in the winter. Taking the time to get familiar with the various bedding options on the market will make your bed look and feel much more cozy, whatever the weather.linens


4. Showcase your Favorite Moments

Every room in your house deserves some great wall art. However, the bedroom is often overlooked when it comes to the photo department. Turn your sleeping space into a relaxing hideaway by using your walls to showcase your favorite memories, like wedding photos or snaps from your first date.showcase


5. Create a Seating Area

If you’re lucky enough to have a master bedroom that’s on the large side, consider adding a seating area to your space. It’ll help your bedroom become a place for escape, quiet, and a little relaxation when you need some time for yourself. Plus, it’s the perfect spot to curl up with a good book.seating area


6. Add a Bench

Adding a bench to the end of your bed gives you a place to tie your shoes and potentially even a little extra storage, depending on the style you choose. You may not think that you need one, but once you have it, you’ll wonder how you survived without it!bench


7. Consider a Canopy

A canopy can transform your bed into a cocoon and will definitely up the luxury factor in your bedroom. The perfect escape from whatever else is going on in the world, a canopy is not only cozy, it’s the stuff your childhood princess dreams were made of!Canopy


8. Say “NO” to Clutter

When it comes to your bedroom, less is definitely more. Cleaning your room regularly, and keeping surfaces free from clutter are two of the most important things when it comes to making your room more soothing. Put laundry away immediately, don’t let magazines pile up on your nightstand, and ensure everything has a place.clean