Goodbye winter, hello spring! With the warmer months quickly approaching it's time to start working on your curb appeal - and that includes your front porch. This area is one of the first things people notice when they walk by so it's important to make it both welcoming and beautiful. Below are some of the best ways to bring your front porch alive this spring. And the best thing about these tips? You can do them all yourself on a limited budget. So lets spring to your porch and get going! 10 DIY Projects for Your Front Porch


1. Flower Power

Nothing says spring like a bouquet of fresh flowers. So you must, must, must get some for your front porch. You can line your steps with colorful spring flowers, which will attract the eye of anyone passing by. It will also offer you a little peace when you want to sit on your front steps sipping a cocktail while chatting with your neighbours. You can sit them alone in a pot or on top of an old vintage chair for a little rustic feel. Flower Power


2. Welcome Home

A sign welcoming your guests is a great addition to any front porch. It will make your home feel welcoming and warm. You can buy a cheap welcome sign or paint a piece of wood yourself in pastel colors that will scream SPRING IS HERE! Welcome Home


3. Bench Time

If you have space on your front porch, nothing says come on in like a comfortable bench for your guests to sit on. If you don't want to sit on it, you can use it to display some potted plants, decorative pills that will add a touch of coziness to the area, or to sit a tray of cocktails on when you have friends come to your front yard for a visit. Bench Time


4. Rug It

An outdoor mat is one of the best ways to bring your porch to life because it will make it seem like an outdoor living room. For spring, choose a bright mat with a cool design that will make sitting outside fun and enjoyable. Add a small chair and potted plant for a real outdoor living area feel. Rug It


5. Rain boot Display

There is more to rain boots than just wearing them this spring. You can take a funky pair of boots, fill them with spring flowers and display them on your porch. It will be such a fun and unique addition that your neighbours will likely start copying the idea. Best part about this idea is that you can buy a cool pair of boots in the clearance section of any store for barely any money. Rain boot Display


6. Chalkboard

There is so much fun you can have with a small chalkboard sitting on your front porch. You can simply write “Welcome,” on it or use your imagination and write a clever, fun quote each day to keep passersby wanting more. Your front porch will soon become the most popular social gathering spot around. Chalkboard


7. Wreath

You can't think about decorating your front porch without adding a wreath to your door. This is a must for any porch area. For spring, make it colorful. Ones with flowers will give a lot of punch to your area and will let everyone know you are ready for spring.



8. Mirror Mirror On The Wall

You may never think to put a mirror outside, but you should. A mirror on your front porch is a beautiful and unique way to brighten it up. The mirror will actually reflect the light, making the area look much more spacious. Mirror Mirror On The Wall


9. Sitting area

Adding a bistro set to your front porch will make it more welcoming and useable for you and your guests. A porch swing is also an amazing addition to any porch but you have to make sure you have the space so the area doesn't seem too cluttered. Once you have a sitting area established you can go a step further and add curtains to the porch that will help define the space and make it more cozy and private for entertaining.Sitting area