Not all of us our fortunate enough to have a spare room for when guests come to visit. If you do, here are some great tips on how to create a home away from home for all your visitors. In fact, if you try some of these tips, you might notice an increase in family and friends coming to visit.


1.  Include a desk

Even though a vacation is meant to be relaxing, many of us end up having academic or professional work to take care of while we’re away. Having a desk in your guest room allows visitors the opportunity to work in private if they need to, as well as providing them with space to store their items if they’re planning to stay for a while. include a desk


2.  Have a nightstand with a table lamp

Many of us like to wind down at night with a good book before bed. Make this nightly ritual easier for your guests by including a nightstand and table lamp in your guest room. Try to keep a couple of good books or interesting magazines sitting on top of the nightstand just in case your visitors forgot their reading at home. nightstand


3.  Greet your guests with flowers

Place a bouquet of flowers on a dresser or nightstand to provide your guests with a warm welcome as soon as they walk into their new sleeping quarters.



4.  Hang miscellaneous artwork

A guest room is the perfect spot in your house to place those pieces of art you never seem to have a place for. This will result in a warm and eclectic design scheme which will make your guests feel like they’re right at home.



5.  Add a mirror

Hang a small mirror in your guest room to provide your guests with a place to touch up their makeup or put on jewellery. If you have room, a full body mirror adds even more style and convenience for your guests.  



6.  Cover the windows 

Install inexpensive blinds or curtains to help provide a cozy and private environment for your guests. Since your visitors are likely on vacation, they will likely also appreciate having the option to block out the morning light for sleeping-in purposes.



7.  Pile on the blankets

You never know when your guest might develop cold toes. In case your guests experience a late-night need for warmth, having some blankets handy in a trunk or on a spare chair in the bedroom will make it easier for your guests to return to their optimal comfort level.



8.  Offer two twin beds

Having two matching twin beds makes it easier if you have more than one person visiting you. This relieves the potential awkwardness of having two siblings forced to sleep in the same bed together. If a couple comes to stay, you can always just push the two beds together to form a double bed.

twin beds


9.  Provide plenty of pillows

Pillow preference is a very personal matter. Some people like hard pillows, while others prefer those that are soft and fluffy. Considering a proper pillow can make or break someone’s night, it’s nice to give you guests an option of where they’d like to lay their head.