Most of the beverages you can purchase are usually stored in plastic bottles, so you probably use this type of container on a daily basis. Instead of throwing them out, you can recycle them and turn them into something useful. Here are just 15 of the ways you can transform a plastic bottle into something practical.


1. Vase

You'd be forgiven if you thought these vases were bought from the store, but actually they're made from plastic bottles and spray paint. Cut off the top of the bottle and add tape round the rim before spraying it with primer. Then spray paint the bottle in your chosen color. If you want to add more than one color, you should wait until the first color dries before applying a different paint.

plastic bottle vaseFind out how: theseamanmom


2. Bird Feeder

Feed the birds that visit your garden by making a simple bird feeder out of a plastic bottle. Cut out holes in the bottle that are big enough to snugly fit a wooden spoon through, and then repeat this process before placing two wooden spoons into the bottle. Fill the bottle with birdseed, screw the lid back on, and attach a hanger made out of floral wire. Then wait for the birds to come and admire your work.

plastic bottle bird feederFind out how: herecomesthesun


3. Watering Can

Instead of buying a brand new watering can, keep your old plastic bottles and use them to water your plants. Take the lid off your bottle and heat the end of a needle for a few seconds so you can pierce holes into the lid. You will need to reheat the needle each time you want to poke a hole through the lid, so use a lighter to heat it. Once you are happy with the amount of holes in the lid, test it out by filling the bottle with water and screwing the lid back on before watering the plants.

plastic bottle watering canFind out how: ajourneytoadream


4. Butterfly Decorations

Create beautiful and colorful butterfly decorations for your home out of plastic bottles. It's best to use one liter bottles as you can make a lot more butterflies with bottles that have a large surface area. You only use the straight part of the bottle to make the butterflies, and you will need to sand the plastic to ensure the paint sticks. After cutting out the butterfly shapes you can choose to paint a realistic pattern on them or a mix of wonderfully bright colors. It's up to you.

plastic bottle butterfliesFind out how: instructables


5. Pencil Case

Easily upcycle your plastic bottles into sturdy zipper pencil cases to store all of your stationery in. You only need a couple of materials to make these cases, which are plastic bottles, zippers and hot glue. Each case uses the bottom from two plastic bottles, and you can decide how long or short you want the case to be. To attach the bottles together, a zipper is glued onto them, so you are able to zip and unzip them like a pencil case. Then just insert your supplies, and you're done!

plastic bottle pencil caseFind out how: makeitloveit


6. Bubble Snakes

Keep your children amused in the summer and make bubble snakes using just a water bottle, duct tape and a sock. To make these cut off the bottom of a bottle and place a sock over the bottom of it. Secure the sock with duct tape and then dip the bottle into a mix of water and dish soap before blowing through the newly made bubble blower. If you want to make colorful bubble snakes add some food coloring to the bubble mixture.

bubble snakeFind out how: housingaforest


7. Flower Pots

Use your imagination to produce fun and quirky flower pots like these which are made out of old plastic bottles. The artwork on the pots is created using acrylic paints, while the shape of them is cut out with scissors. The bottles also have holes drilled into the bottom of them so water can drain through them. Depending on how big your plastic bottles are, you can usually make flower pots that are suitable for small and medium size flowers.

plastic bottle flower potsFind out how: justimagine


8. Bird House

If you enjoy watching the birds in your backyard you can make a suitable bird house for them using three plastic bottles. Drill a small hole in the bottle cap, and thread heavy wire through it so the bottle can be hung up. Then sand the bottles and spray paint them. Cut a roof out of two of the bottles and fit it onto the third bottle, before cutting an opening into the house. Afterwards you can decorate the bird house any way you like with acrylic paints.

plastic bottle birdhouseFind out how: iamsammm


9. Sprinkler

Keep your children entertained during the summer with a homemade sprinkler using a plastic bottle. It is really cheap to make because you only need a large plastic bottle, a hose and a drill. Carefully drill holes along the side of the bottle, and then take the cap off and insert the hose inside. Turn the hose on and watch as the water spurts out of the holes just like a sprinkler.

plastic bottle sprinklerFind out how: goodshomedesign


10. Piggy Bank

Save your plastic bottles to make cute customized piggy banks. This is a great craft for kids, but adults can join in too. Cut strips of paper to glue round the bottle and then paint wooden beads and glue them to the bottom of the piggy bank for the pig's feet. Use a hole punch to make nostrils out of the paper, and also cut out the shape of the ears before gluing them to the bottle. Then dot eyes onto the piggy bank using a sharpie, and cut a slot at the top for the coins, so you can start saving.

plastic bottle piggy bankFind out how: alittletipsy


11. Flower Decorations

Create your own handmade flower decorations out of plastic bottles to hang around your home. To make these gorgeous flowers, cut the bottom out of the bottle, and then trim the bottom part so it looks like a flower. Hole punch the flower for hanging, and draw your design or pattern on with sharpies. Then melt the plastic slightly over a flame and thread cord through the hole so you can proudly hang your flower decorations.

plastic bottle christmas decorationsFind out how: blukatkraft


12. Candle Holder

Upcycle your plastic bottles into handy candle holders for your tea lights. This is a very easy and cheap DIY project as the only material you need is a plastic bottle and a pair of scissors. To make these super simple holders, rinse and clean a bottle before cutting the bottom off it. Then place a tea light in the middle of the bottle and you're done. Once you've made one candle holder, experiment with bottles of different size and color, and cut them at different heights.

plastic bottle candle holderFind out how: kaityskraftykorner


13. Wind Spinners

Get your children involved in this fun craft and make wind spinners for the yard out of plastic bottles. They are very easy to make, and the only supplies you need are plastic water bottles, sharpies and scissors. Let your children use the sharpies to color in the bottles. Once they are finished, cut around the bottle from top to bottom to create a fun wind spinner that you can hang up outside.

plastic bottle wind spinnersFind out how: instructables


14. Hanging Planter

If you enjoy gardening, consider making these plastic bottle hanging planters for backyard. Cut a third off the bottom of the bottle and decorate the remaining two thirds with shapes cut out of painter's tape. Then paint the bottle and when it's dry peel off the tape. Cut four holes around the middle of the bottle and thread yarn through it so it can hang up. Now all you need to do is fill the bottle with soil and your chosen plant and you have a hanging planter.

plastic bottle hanging plantersFind out how: momtastic


15. Jewelry Stand

Keep all your jewelry in one place with a stand made out of a collection of plastic bottles. Cut the bottom off two bottles which are two liter, a one liter bottle and a 20 oz bottle. These will be the trays in your stand. Purchase a 12 inch threaded rod and nuts and washers, then drill holes in the center of each bottle and thread the rod through while placing nuts and washers between the trays. If you want to make your stand more appealing try different colored bottles, or glue a pretty glass bead to the top nut.

plastic bottle jewelry standFind out how: epbot