Whether you want to brighten up your home or bring some of the outdoors inside, flowers are a wonderful decorative feature that won’t cost you a lot of money. Spring flowers are the perfect way to add color and vibrancy to a room, and are a very cost effective method to create a welcoming atmosphere. From the choice of flowers to the design of the vase, there are several ways you can create a beautiful flower arrangement. Here are some gorgeous examples of how you can display flowers in your home.


Basic Supplies

Basic SuppliesSource

When adding floral arrangements to your home, it's best to start off with the basics. One of the most favorable types of vases for flowers is mid-sized with a slightly flared opening. This is because the volume of the bouquet and the container is balanced, unlike wider mouthed vases which don't support flowers as well.


Bright and Warm

Bright Warm Colors

Add warmth to your living room with a selection of bright pink, red and orange flowers. Tulips are a wonderful choice of flower when you require bold shades of color. They bloom at their brightest during mid spring, and are strongly associated with elegance due to their long and graceful stature. Gather a large amount of red, pink and orange tulips and arrange them together in a sturdy vase to create the illusion of a beautiful fiery sunset in your home.




If you have a green thumb and enjoy growing flowers in your back yard, consider bringing some of them indoors. If you have spent time and effort growing beautiful flowers outside, you might as well as display them indoors too. This way you can proudly show off the fruits of your labor inside your home and give your flowers the appreciation they deserve. Present them in simple clear vases so you and everyone else who visits your home can fully see the extent of your hard work.


Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract

To make your flowers really stand out, choose a gorgeous bouquet of blooms that are the opposite color to the vase you plan to put them in. A good example of opposites working together are complimentary peach roses inside a bright blue vase. If you don't want to mix bright colors, place white roses or lillies in a black vase for a monochrome effect.


Windowsill Decor

Windowsill decor

Windowsills are often overlooked in a home, yet they provide plenty of space for decorative features. Stop your home from looking bare by dressing up your windowsills with pretty freshly cut flowers. A deep vivid color works well if you want them to become a main focal point in the room, as well as adding a touch of natural beauty. Choose flowers such as purple hyacinths if you want to make a big impact.


Sunny Yellow

Sunny yellow

Welcome spring into your home with open arms by displaying a huge bouquet of flowers in a sunny palette of yellow. Ranunculus are an excellent choice of flower for the spring, and the cheery yellow color is guaranteed to brighten up your mood as soon as you look at them. Place them in the center of a coffee table, so your eyes are immediately drawn to the flowers when you enter the room.


Pretty Peonies

Pretty peonies

Peonies bloom beautifully in the spring and come in a gorgeous range of colors including soft pink and deep crimson. These spectacular blooms are a great decorative piece for when you need a pop of color to wake up a space in your home. You don't have to keep these flowers just in your living room, if you have a study, place them at the corner of your desk to instantly brighten up the place.


Simple Variety

Simple Variety

Don't try and squash a large amount of flowers into one vase. Be selective and only place a couple of different varieties of blooms together to create a natural sense of movement.  It's best to give your flowers room to breathe and prevent them being overcrowded if you want to improve their chances of longevity. However don't leave the vase too bare. Make sure you have enough blooms to create a beautiful arrangement that displays depth and a sense of fullness while also appearing light and airy.


Pocketful of Sunshine

Pocketful of sunshine

Add a simple decorative touch to your home with thin stemmed blooms such as black-eyed susans or daisies. Use four small vases or glasses to hold up to four blooms each and display them neatly in a row across a windowsill or other flat surface. The simplicity of the floral arrangement provides a delicate summery look that thankfully won't overpower the look of the rest of the room.


Starring Role

Starring Role

Collect a range of individual blooms to create a floral arrangement which gives each flower center stage. Use an elegant silver tray as the base, then place clear vases with a single bloom in them on top. The vases don't have to match, just as long as they are clear, so you can see the natural detail of each bloom in full.


Center of Attention

Center of AttentionCreate a bold centerpiece out of flowers using a base of floral foam and a grid of clear tape. To make your flowers literally stand out, make a grid of clear water-resistant floral tape on top of the vessel for your flowers. Then insert flowers into each grid. If you have a variety of different sized flowers, place the fuller flowers in first, before filling the remaining holes with your medium sized flowers. Finish off your design by using small blooms as accents flowers and carefully placing them between the rest of your bouquet. Hydrangea, lavender, lisianthus and celosia work well in these types of arrangements.


Matching Color Scheme

Matching Color SchemeGorgeously decorate your home with a collection of classically designed ginger jars. The blue and white pattern is visually stunning and will instantly add a touch of luxury to any room. Fill the ginger jars with complimentary delphiniums which match the gorgeous colors of the ceramics and place them in an entryway, to create a welcoming atmosphere.