When we think about remodeling, we usually focus on rooms inside our home. But we can't forget about our outside rooms. Patios, too, benefit from a little TLC each season, so it's important to look for ways to spruce up these leisurely spaces. Considering we spend so much time outside during the spring and summer, it's important to make the patio area one that is both comfortable and welcoming. Read below to find out some of the best ways to get that outdoor room ready for your next night of entertaining.


1. Cozy is Best

All you really need for a nice patio area is a small table and a few chairs to welcome guests. But when you place those furnishings in a beautiful garden area and add in a water feature, such as a small pond or a fountain, you will have a cozy area that is the envy of your guests. You will probably spend more time outside, enjoying the sounds of birds chirping, than you will inside. Cozy is Best


2. Conversation Starter

If you don't have a lot of money to purchase outdoor furniture and accents, don't worry. Just bring some of your best indoor pieces outside. Use some of your favorite art pieces to hang around your patio area to add color and some unique accents that will have your guests talking for hours. If you don't have seating, just use some old crates and stack them on top of each other. As well, you can use some concrete blocks as end tables. These ideas will give your outdoor area a real outdoorsy look! Conversation Starter


3. Color

Color is a great way to transform a boring outdoor area into one that pops. Add some mismatched cushions, chairs and accents to the area that will scream summer fun. Use different fabrics and designs for an extra pop. Just make sure you use durable fabrics that are designed to endure both the hot sun and the rain. You can also use colourful drapery panels to add some privacy to your outdoor area. Color


4. Screened-In Porch

If you like sitting outside but don't like the mosquitos, installing a screened-in porch is a must. You can make it rustic by painting the floor red and adding in some old, wooden chairs and a cozy area rug. If you really want to take it a step further, add in a porch swing for all those lazy nights you want to spend outside. All you will need now is a good book and a refreshing drink. Screened-In Porch


5. Fire pit

Want to make your backyard patio area feel like you are relaxing at the cottage? All you need to do is add in a fire pit and a few Adirondack rocking chairs. Then go and grab the marshmallows and a few of your friends and voila – you are enjoying an evening at the cottage! Fire pit


6. Stripes

If your patio or porch area is small, you can make it look bigger by painting the floor in a stripped pattern. Painting it in a black-and-white pattern will add the most punch but you can choose whatever color suits your style. Add in a mirror for an extra illusion of space.



7. Lights

Nothing says cozy and romantic like dim lighting outside. Install a vintage chandelier outside or string some lights over the top of your porch. It's a great way to light up the outdoor area for a night of entertaining or for a night playing cards with your kids. Lights


8. Farmhouse

If you want to bring a little country to your patio area, try adding in some wicker chairs or a daybed. The daybed will be an amazingly comfortable spot for the kids to lay back on or for your guests to relax on during an evening of entertaining. You can decorate it with a country-style quilt and some throw cushions to help make it stand out. Farmhouse


9. Built-Ins

Built-in seating along with a built-in bar and cooking area will make your patio feel like the best place in your home to be. Your seating area can be filled with colourful fabric and removable cushions so you can change them up whenever you feel the need. Having built-ins is the best way to modernize any outdoor living area and is worth the investment in the long run. Built-Ins


10. Flower Power

Nothing says outdoor living than an array of flowers that surround the patio. A hibiscus laden veranda will not only look incredibly beautiful over any seating area, but will be the talk of your neighbors. Thick green plants and trees will not only offer you privacy, but a lot of much-needed shade. And the best part of having a patio full of beautiful flowers and trees is that adding extra decor will be unnecessary. Just sit back and enjoy the view and the smell of all the gorgeous flowers.Flower Power