Spring is here and that means backyard barbecues and get togethers will soon be in full swing. And that also means time to get that patio looking as good as it can so you can give your friends a night to remember. If you don't have the money to pay someone to put your backyard oasis ideas together for you, don't worry. We have plenty of tips to help you do it all by yourself for very little money. So get outside and start putting your decorative skills to the test with these amazing ways to redo your patio. Ways to Redo Your Patio


1. Patterns

You don't want to overdo your outdoor space with too much pattern but small doses are the perfect way to bring out your own personal charm. Try mixing up your patio furniture cushions with different pattern accent pillows for a pop of colour that will add visual effect to your area. A few different plants will also make the area look tropical, yet welcoming, to visitors. Patterns


2. Privacy

If you spend a lot of time on your patio you will likely want some privacy. A fence is a good way to block unwanted looks to big spaces. But if you have a small space consider planting shrubs, a hedgerow or some trees, which will not only look nice but will offer that much needed privacy - as well as some shade.Privacy


3. Lighting

Adding light should be an integral part of your new patio design. When the natural light fades there is no better way to add ambience or make an area look cozy then with some lighting. It also offers a safety function when you light your walkway. You can even add a pendant fixture above your outdoor table to give you some light during dinners or drinks. A string of lights hanging over the porch will also add a little romantic twinkle to your backyard evenings. Lighting


4. Trellises

Adding tall trellises around your patio area will give your space a border and will also offer a place to allow flowering vines to flourish. A fragrant vine can also give a beautiful smell to the area. As well as looking beautiful, the vines can offer you some privacy. Trellises


5. Artwork

Who says decorative artwork is just for the walls inside your home? Bring them outside to add some character to your space. It's a cheap way to help your inside style flow to the outside. Gather any sculptures or accents from your home that you don't use very often and place them outside. It will turn your patio into a true outdoor living space. Artwork


6. Bar Area

Chances are, if you have a backyard gathering, people will be looking to mix drinks or prepare food. So why not make it easy for them? Get an old bar-height table, paint in to suit your taste and bring it outside. It will maximize your outdoor space and allow you to use it for more than just sitting and relaxing. Bar Area


7. Water Feature

Nothing says soothing and relaxing than the sound of water flowing. Invest in a small fountain or a birdbath that will give you that relaxing feeling as well as a visit from birds and butterflies. These features create charming focal points for any patio. Water Feature


8. Party Pantry

This is such an easy, unique and fun addition to any patio area. You can create a party pantry with any old hutch or console table. All you have to do is place it outside and stock it with all the essentials you will need for outdoor entertaining such as plastic plates, cups and napkins. Party Pantry


9. Cabana Update

You can add fabric panels to an arbor to help create your very own cabana area. Place some furniture underneath and some floor cushions for a zen-like feeling. You can keep the curtains open for a nice summer breeze or close them when you want some privacy. The fun thing about this is that you can choose whatever colour or patterned fabric you want, making this cabana a one-of-a-kind. Cabana Update


10. Hammock

If you have room on your patio, making your own hammock is essential. I mean, what's more relaxing than swinging on a hammock and reading your favorite book or taking an afternoon nap. All you need is some sturdy fabric, a few pieces of rope and a couple strong trees to sustain your body weight.Hammock