We spend a considerable amount of time in the bathroom every day, but tend to neglect redecorating it compared to other rooms in the house. This means your bathroom is at risk of looking old fashioned and is probably in need of an update. By redesigning your bathroom you can transform it into a spacious looking, welcoming room that you enjoy visiting while taking care of your hygiene! To help you decide how best to tackle redecorating your bathroom, we have compiled a selection of photos which showcase different bathroom styles. These photos display the before and after stages of the bathroom makeovers, to prove to you that any bathroom can be transformed into a wonderful sanctuary...


Renovation One


plain bathroom before

The use of beige gave this bathroom a very outdated and basic appearance, while the round lights on the old fashioned mirror looked out of place. Standing underneath the mirror was a cheap looking vanity case with missing doors, making it better suited on a scrapheap rather than in a bathroom. In addition to this, all of the walls were in dire need of a good paint job, especially as it had begun peeling off the back wall.



clean white bathroom afterFind out how: diyshowoff

A light blue color was painted onto the walls to provide a calming atmosphere in the bathroom. A stylish black vanity case replaced the old wooden version and features a beautiful marble countertop and brushed nickel faucets. Knobs on the new vanity case were also replaced with polished nickel versions to match the faucet. Other metallic elements that were added in the bathroom include a satin nickel curtain rod and polished nickel sconces. Due to the small size of the bathroom, white shelves were also installed onto the wall to create storage space for toiletries.


Renovation Two


beach bathroom before

Outdated wallpaper and old tiling on the floor aged this bathroom considerably and definitely needed replacing. The shower and bath combination also wasn't very appealing compared to a standalone shower, while the vanity case looked too basic.



beach bathroom afterFind out how: hgtv

Wallpaper was stripped off the walls and replaced with clean white tiles, which gives the illusion of a brighter and more spacious bathroom. The shower and bath combination was changed to a full glass shower so you wouldn't have to stand inside a tub anymore. In the vicinity of the shower, a tile design was applied to the walls to distinguish it from the rest of the bathroom. New white floor tiles were laid down to match the tiles on the wall and enhance the clean look of the bathroom. A pretty vanity was also installed which features a black and white design, and a canvas with the same colors was put up to match it.


Renovation Three


beige bathroom before

This bathroom's neutral colors made it bland and boring, while the green mirror and vases looked really out of place. However the colors of the toilet handle and the sink's taps were the same matching black, making them the most redeeming features of this room.



modern black and white bathroom afterFind out how: littlebitofpaint

The walls were repainted with wet cement to create this pretty grey color, and decorated with a pretty border and frames. These were created from a piece of chair rail which was painted white to help break up the wall and stop it from looking plain. To match the chair rail, a larger mirror with a white frame was hung up to match. Green vases were replaced with white and cream jars and beautiful ornaments to complement the rest of the bathroom and give it a finishing touch.


Renovation Four


master bathroom before

This small bathroom was originally very plain looking, with the use of light wood for both the cupboard and the vanity creating a washed out appearance. Boring floor tiles further contributed to this look as they were a light cream color that simply blended into the rest of the bathroom, rather than standing out.  The choice of curtain also downgraded the quality of the bathroom, as the material was very see-through making it look cheap.



master bathroom afterFind out how: prettyinspirational

This bathroom was completely transformed after it was given a rustic style makeover. A white vanity replaced the light wood version, and due to the larger size of it, the cupboard was removed, to create more space. The cream tiles were replaced with ones that gave the appearance of dark wood to add some warmth to the room, while a rug was placed on the floor to contribute to the rustic cozy atmosphere. A brand new blind was also hung up at the window which complemented the wooden looking tiles as it features the same color.


Renovation Five


master bath before

This master bathroom was very basic and lacked any form of style. The dull brown colors of the cabinets and marble counter top made the room look uninviting, which was further intensified by the plain brown tiling on the floor. The large overbearing mirror took up a lot of wall space and there was a lack of storage due to the amount of items on the counter, making it look messy and unkempt.



master bath afterFind out how: batchelorsways

The boring brown color of the bathroom was abolished, and a pop of color was added to the walls by painting them a serene green. To brighten up the room, beautiful white cabinets and a gorgeous matching marble counter top were installed. Two smaller sinks replaced the original sink to increase the availability of the bathroom, and an elegant silver tray which matched the color of the taps was placed between the sinks to hold the glasses and soap dispenser. Pretty white medicine cabinets replaced the large mirror helping to create more storage space in the bathroom, and the lights remained as they complimented the new look of the bathroom. To match the white decor the flooring was also changed from brown to a crystal clear white, and the old towels were replaced with complimentary green towels to finish off the look.