You don’t need space for a garden in order to create a beautiful display of flowers at the front or back of your home. Container gardening can be a cost and space effective solution for those living in small areas. Here are a few varieties of plants which thrive in small quarters.


1. ‘Green Mountain’ Boxwood

This slow-growing shrub can be left out all year round in temperate climates and turns a dark green color in the winter. Normally reaching heights of 5 feet when left out in nature, the Green Mountain Boxwood is much smaller when in a planter and grows into an attractive cone-shape.

‘Green Mountain’ BoxwoodSource:


2. ‘Golden Creeping’ Jenny

This 4-inch tall plant is the perfect candidate to grow in containers as it hangs beautifully over the edge of any pot.
‘Golden Creeping’ Jenny

3. ‘Blue Star’ Juniper

The low-growing Blue Star Juniper has tightly arranged ¼ inch long steel blue needles. This blue accent color adds a striking look to this plant. It will reach 3 feet tall, with a spread of 3 to 4 feet. It works well in containers because it complements many different colors and it also has beautiful branches that hang over the side of any planter. ‘Blue Star’ Juniper

4. ‘Cajun Blue’ Scaevola

This compact and incredibly heat-tolerant plant blooms earlier than many other varieties. Its durability makes it ideal for containers as it can withstand harsh weather conditions and still continue to stay in full bloom. Plus, it will also attract butterflies to your garden.
‘Cajun Blue’ Scaevola



5. 'Nirvana Cascade Pink Splash' Vinca

This colorful fungus-resistant tropical evergreen shrub bears large, showy, circular flowers with a deep rosy pink center and light-pink petal edges. It is guaranteed to be a conversation piece. It also makes a great addition to any hanging basket due to its semi-trailing nature. Plus, it was bred to not only be heat resistant, but to also be able to thrive in incredibly wet conditions as well. 'Nirvana Cascade Pink Splash' Vinca



6. Rhododendron

This compact evergreen shrub with glossy, dark green foliage contains clusters of frilled, pale pink flowers which fade to near white. It can tolerate full sun and will grow slowly to an average height and width of 4 feet. Just be careful when selecting a Rhododendron because when choosing the right pot, you must take into consideration the size of your plant; the size of the plant will be determined by the size of your container. Try purchasing a container that is a third larger than the size of the pot the plant originally came in.Pink rhododendron



7. Tomatoes

This favorite fruit blends both style and function as they thrive in small containers and require very little maintenance. If you’re craving fresh tomatoes all year-round, you can grow them in pretty much any type of container—just as long as it is big enough to handle the plant. You can start growing your plant with seeds or if you’re impatient, you can always purchase a starter plant. It’s also a good idea to install a cage outside the plant to provide some support once the plant grows larger.Tomatoes