Bold, bright paint colors are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to interior design, as more and more families take the plunge and move away from more traditional neutral shades.  So what are some of the hottest colorful shades this year?  Click ‘Next’ for some eye-popping inspiration.


Dramatic and bold, red really turns up the heat.  And, while many people would probably hesitate to paint a whole room in the shade - including trim and built-ins - we think this look works better without a competing hue.  Plus, the red goes really well with the more traditional furniture pieces, while giving the room a modern flair.



If it’s used the right way, black paint on the walls can make any room instantly chic.  What’s the right way, you ask?  Adding lots of colorful artwork!  Since black goes with basically everything, it provides the perfect backdrop to showcase your favorite snaps - and it’s easy to tie in other hues.



Rich jewel tones are all the rage this season, making purple walls right on trend.  Show off your forward thinking by pairing this shade with other supersaturated colors.  For an added pop, tie in some accessories in yellow or gold tones.  Since yellow and purple are complimentary colors, the walls will really make those pieces pop.



The best thing about orange is that is looks great with almost every neutral.  So if you find yourself stuck with boring furniture and want to add a little pop without replacing your whole living room set, orange is the perfect solution!  Paint a whole room, or, use an accent wall to brighten up your space.  Either way, it’ll instantly transition your style from drab to fab.

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If you’re hoping to fill a whole room with colors, aqua may just be the shade for you.  Bright, sunny, and easy to match with, aqua walls provide a wonderful cheery backdrop for plenty of other shades that pop.  Don’t be shy - mix and match with nearly every color of the rainbow!



This sunny shade looks great with those jewel tones that are so popular this year.  Warm and welcoming, yellow makes any room inviting.  Plus, it works well with plenty of different decorating styles, from mid-century modern to the sleek lines of today’s trendiest looks.



Who says a dining room has to be boring?  We love this bright pop of apple green!  Pairing more traditional furniture with a playful wall color helps to give the room a sense of balance - infusing some fun into a room that’s traditionally reserved for more formal occasions.


Hot pink walls don’t just belong in Barbie’s dream house - with the right accents, they can look great in your home, too!  The white wainscoting below the pink prevents the bright shade from overpowering the room - and helps to transition to the black and white bathroom, which compliments the pink perfectly.



Taking a cue from the deep blue sea, navy blue painted walls can give your room a beachy, nautical feel.  Paired with whites, corals, and lighter aquamarines, navy blue provides the perfect oceanic backdrop for an at-home retreat.



This year’s “it” shade, teal, works well in any room.  That’s because the rich jewel tone offers both drama and sophistication, ramping up the style-factor in every space.  It also just happens to look great with pantone’s color of the year, as well as acid yellow, deep plum, and of course, classic white.