Organizing your child’s room, while still letting them be a child and play is a hard balance to achieve. Here are some organization tips that will help to keep chaos from taking over.


1. Under the bed Storage

Having a storage tote under the bed where all the miscellaneous items go, can get things out of sight easily without it being out of reach. If there is not enough room under your child’s current bed you can buy risers, which lift the bed off the floor slightly to give you the clearance for the organization. Or better yet, buy a bed with storage built underneath.Under the bed Storage


2. Clear toy Storage Bags

Keeping toys stored in clear bags makes them easy to identify and find.Clear toy Storage Bags


3. Old Coffee Canisters

Once you finish a can or plastic tub of coffee wash them out and set them aside as they are great to put small items in. Even better is to take a photo or draw what is contained inside them. Examples of what to store:  Lego or hair clips.Old Coffee Canisters


4. Plastic drawers with Labels

Plastics bins come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. It great to have several drawers with labels of what’s contained inside them. For example you could keep coloring books in one drawer and crayons and markers in the next drawer.Plastic drawers with Labels


5. Shoe Organizer

Hanging an inexpensive shoe organizer on the back of your child’s closet door is a great place to store collectibles like Barbies and transformers. If you get an organizer with clear pockets it makes it even easier for your child to see where all of their favorite dolls are.Shoe Organizer


6. Ziplock bags for Clothes

If getting dressed for school is a headache every day then try buying large freezer bags and pack pre-made outfits in them after you have washed the clothes. You can label each bag with a day of the week or give your child choice between two bags in the morning. You will never have to go searching for a matching sock again.Ziplock bags for Clothes


7. Empty Pickle Jars for Craft Supplies

Washed our pickle jars are a great place to keep craft supplies like assorted buttons or beads. They will be nice and colourful, so feel free to keep them out on display.Empty Pickle Jars for Craft Supplies


8. Toy Chest

This is a must have for every kids room. A toy chest is a great place for your child to store all of their assorted and larger belongings out of site. Toys can spill out of the chest in the day during play time and at night it is a breeze for them to help you put everything away.Toy Chest


9. Baskets

Having some wire or wicker baskets can help to classify all sorts of different items your child might accumulate from: toy trucks, to stuffed animals and even sporting equipment. Baskets come in all shapes and sizes and can be easily stored in the corner or up on a closet shelf.Baskets