Brilliant Ways to Hide Important Things in Your Home

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By: Cherry Parry
Published: November 27, 2015
Last Update: March 12, 2023

Whether you are hiding gifts from your children, a recent unexpected purchase from your spouse or valuables from potential burglars, your house if full of hidden areas that are the perfect secret space. So before you head out to buy an expensive safe to hide your treasures, consider the many DIY ways to hide your valuables. After all, doesn't everyone need a little secret spot that only they know about? I say yes.Brilliant ways to hide important things in your home

1. Cash in the Door

The top of any interior door is the perfect spot for hiding a little cash. All you have to do is drill a hole and insert a metal tube that will keep your bills and any small items such as jewelry out of sight. Cash in the door

2. Hide-A-Key

To keep your extra house key secure and hidden outside, all you have to do is get a small plastic prescription bottle. Just glue a real rock to the top and bury the bottle in the garden or planter so it's just the rock showing. No criminal will be able to find the key so you'll be sure to feel a little more protected. Hide a key

3. Art Wall

To hide your electronics or other valuables look no further than the piece of art on your wall. Just cut out a hole behind the art work to make a storage area and then drill holes for the cords. It's a great way to keep wires and cords hidden and will give you a great chance to add new art to your walls if you don't already have some. Art wall

4. Picture Frame

Have a favourite picture of your child or other family member? Why not take the picture, frame it and attach it to a medicine cabinet. Install the cabinet in the wall with the picture on top of it. No one will ever think you have storage behind the print. It's the perfect place to hide your jewelry or other valuable items.Picture frame

5. Lettuce

Yes, I said lettuce. You can actually buy a small safe that looks like a real head of lettuce that you keep in the fridge. The beauty of this is that the bottom of the lettuce actually snaps off to allow you to hide stuff inside. If a burglar was to look in your fridge he would never think the lettuce would open up.Lettuce

6. Sofa

You can build your own sofa and put some extra secret storage in it at the same time. When you need to open it up you just pull and store your items inside. It's a great way to hide things from your children who would never think to pull it up and look inside. Sofa

7. Hollow Book

This is one of the easiest hidden storage places to do yourself. Just take an old book, hollow out the inside and start hiding. Hollow Book

8. Bathtub

If you have a tub that is encased, you can use the encasement to create hidden storage. Not only is it a great hiding spot, it's also a good way to keep things organized and will add a little extra storage space for your bathroom supplies. Bathtub

9. Stairs

Whether you have a small landing or some extra steps on your staircase you can create a hidden storage compartment that is perfect for hiding safes or larger items. Just cut out the size of space you want, put some hinges on it and cover it with the original wood. You can even cover the wood up with a rug to keep it extra hidden. Stairs

10. Bathroom Tile

You can create hidden storage in your bathroom by removing one or two tiles and making a hole. You can then replace the tile and take it out when you want to hide valuables. The only issue you will have is remembering which tile you used as your hidden spot.Bathroom tile