With Thanksgiving fast approaching, it’s time to think about cheap ways to decorate your home for when you all gather together to enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner. If you have family or friends visiting then you’ll already be spending a fortune on food so here are some low cost, easy ideas for making your home look amazing this fall:


#1 Children’s Placemats

Keeping the little ones entertained while waiting for dinner to be served can be tricky so make their place settings fun and engaging. Create their very own personalised placemats with kraft paper and chalkboard markers. Draw on a plate and utensils and provide some markers so while waiting for dinner they can decorate, draw what they’d like to eat or their own patterns too.

#1 Children’s Placemats


#2 Gilded Fruit

This eye-catching centerpiece will be the star attraction of your table, after the turkey of course. Get some fake fruit, maybe apples or pomegranates and cover them in copper leaf for a shiny, stand-out table decoration. Push skewers through the artificial fruit, cover with glue then stand the skewers upright in some Styrofoam. Let the fruit dry until a little tacky and apply approximately two sheets of copper leaf until the fruit is covered. You can place the finished decorations on a plate, in a bowl or on a pretty cake stand.

#2 Gilded Fruit


#3 Simple Banner

Welcome your guests and remind them what the holiday is for by hanging a simple homemade ‘Give Thanks’ banner across your fireplace. You’ll need 1 yard of inexpensive burlap and a couple different colors of felt for the letters, some twine, thread and glue. You’ll find loads of online tutorials in how to make a banner with materials you might have lying round the house. Get the kids involved in this Thanksgiving craft project.

#3 Simple BannerSource: pagingsupermom.com


#4 Door Sign

This is a stunning alternative to a wreath and can be personalised to welcome your guests. Find an old serving tray and paint the inner base with some chalkboard paint. Write your own unique welcoming Thanksgiving message and then decorate the outside of the tray with branches, leaves and berries. Simply hang from your door for a beautiful fall display.

#4 Door SignSource: diys.com


#5 Pumpkin Buckets

Grab yourself some cheap plastic pumpkins from the dollar store and you can turn these into a stunning table center piece. The only other thing you’ll need is some golden spray paint. The beauty of gold paint is that it can transform any dull item into an elegant ornament. Your gold pumpkins can sit center stage and filled with potted plants, flowers or even candy.

#5 Pumpkin BucketsSource: rebekahgough.blogspot.co.uk


#6 Mason Jar Vases

An idea so simple that looks so effective – you’ll need four mason jars, one for each letter of fall. With some chalk paint, coat the outside of each jar and tape a stencil onto each jar to spell out ‘fall’. Use any colored acrylic paint to paint the letter. Carefully remove the tape, leave to dry and add some fresh flowers. Hey presto! Stunning seasonal decorations for the living room, porch or mantel.

#6 Mason Jar Vases


#7 Box Grater Lights

Set the mood with this warm, cozy lighting display. Arrange some old box graters on a tray with LED flameless candles place inside them. The light will flicker through the holes to create atmospheric mood lighting on your sideboard. Surround with nuts, acorns, chestnuts and real candles for an easy, homemade tribute to fall.

#7 Box Grater Lights


#8 Easy Candle Centerpiece

This is so simple to pull off and the results look very glam indeed. All you need are a few large white pillar candles of different heights arranged on a wooden tray. Decorate around the candles with things like wheat stalks, artificial or real fruit, berries and gourds for a stunning table display fit for the season.

#8 Easy Candle CenterpieceSource: hackyourhome.space


#9 Thanksgiving Tree

This is a really sweet idea that kids will love too. Place some twigs or small branches in a mason jar and weight the branches down with stones or assorted nuts. Make some tags with a loop for string to hang on the branches. The tags can be wooden slices, cardboard or any material you choose. When guests arrive, get them to take a tag and write down one thing they are thankful for and then hang it back on a branch.

#9 Thanksgiving TreeSource: decorchick.com


#10 Pinecone Door Hanger

A beautifully simple alternative to hanging a wreath, this decoration requires 8 pinecones and 8 strips of 2-foot silk ribbon. Use a glue gun to stick the last two inches of each strip to the base of each cone. Once dry, gather all the ends at different lengths so the pinecones hang in a staggered effect. Tie the ribbons together in a strong knot or bow and they’re ready to hang. Spray paint the cones for a shiny gilded effect.

#10 Pinecone Door HangerSource: hgtv.com