Natural wood slices are a great choice for creating rustic home decor. Whether you buy them from the craft store or cut up your own branches, these are a very versatile material. If you’re looking for a way to bring some of the charm of the outdoors into your home, try out one of these easy wood slice projects.

Mini Chalkboard

Create a fun decorative mini chalkboard for your home that you can easily customize for different occasions. Whether you want to list a recipe, create a memo for groceries, or write an inspiring message, these are a fantastic addition to your home decor. You can use any size wood slice you want to make your chalkboard but make sure it’s big enough to display your intended messages. Paint the front of your wood slice with chalkboard paint and while you’re waiting for it to dry, brainstorm ideas of what you want to put on it. Depending on what you want to write on the wood slice, you can either freehand or create a stencil to create a more flawless design. Just use regular chalk on the wood so you can easily rub it off and write new and different messages.

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Add a rustic touch to your kitchen with pretty silhouette wood slice magnets. These are super simple to make and will look adorable on your refrigerator. After gathering your wood slices, use black paint to create silhouette designs on them. If you’re worried about painting freehand, draw your design on first and then paint inside the outline. Once it’s dry, hot glue a magnet on the back and decide where you want to display it on your refrigerator door.

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Serving Tray

Don't settle for a boring plastic tray to rest your food on, spruce up your meal times, with a DIY wooden serving tray. Don't worry - you won't need to chop down a huge tree to get the right sized wood slice - just head to your local craft store. If you own wooden furniture, you're probably already aware that wood can stain easily. To protect your wood slice from food oils or grease, coat the top with semi-gloss polycrylic. For a quirky twist, tape off a section of the wood and cover it in chalkboard paint - now you can personalize the tray with fun chalk written messages! To help you easily carry the tray to your loved one, source two drawer handles for your wood slice. Drill holes on either side of the tray and attach the handles with screws. Then show off your handy work by surprising someone with breakfast in bed!

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When you're relaxing in your garden with a drink, ensure you always have somewhere to put your drink by making these rustic outdoor coasters. This is an incredibly easy DIY project that doesn’t require many materials. Begin by using wood slices that are big enough for a cup or glass to rest on top. For the fun arrow design, stencil the outline onto the wood and color it in with a permanent marker. To prevent the coasters getting damaged from condensation underneath glasses, spray the wood with polyurethane. Then take your drink and coaster outside, and relax.

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Easy Organizer

Keep your desk tidy and free from clutter with this easy organizer based on the design of a lazy susan. To make your organizer you will need to place a lazy susan attachment to the bottom of the wood slice and secure it with screws. To prevent the attachment marking any surfaces, adhere protective pads to the bottom of it, and then turn the slice the right side up. If there are any items that you want to permanently keep on your wood slice, such as a container for your pencils, apply velcro strips to them so they stay put. Then just fill up your organizer with your chosen items and enjoy your clutter free desk.

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Plant Stand

Give your plants the attention they deserve, by making them a hanging wooden stand. It’s very easy to make and they make a great a focal point in a room. Make sure you get a wood slice that is big enough to hold your plant, and proceed by drilling four holes round it. Loop suede strips through the holes and tie knots at the bottom to secure them in place. Afterwards find a place to hang your stand and install a hanging plant bracket. Loop the suede over it, and then just place your chosen plant on top of the wood slice. It’s that simple!

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If you’re in need of some new chic shelves in your home, consider making them out of wood slices. To make suitably sized shelves you will need a slice that is 14 inches in diameter. Locate the middle of the slice and then cut it in half to create two shelves. Screw L brackets to the back of the wood slices and then screw them into the wall. Now all you have to do is place your items on the shelves and you’re done!

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Transform a simple circular mirror into a quirky decorative piece using an assortment of wood slices. Trace the outside of your mirror onto a block of plywood, and add 3.5 inches to the perimeter of it. Cut out the larger circle and paint and prime the 3.5 perimeter border so it matches the color of your wall. Attach a cleat to the back of the wood, and place a cleat on the wall so you will be able to hang the wood up. Then glue a range of different wood slices around the border and apply liquid nails to the center of the plywood. Glue the mirror in place and wait for it to dry before positioning it on the wall.

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Pencil Holder

Easily turn a chunk of wood into a gorgeously chic pencil holder with just a few steps. Get out your saw and cut off a small slice of wood from either a branch or tree base. There are no rules on how big or small your pencil holder needs to be - as long as it's not tall enough to warrant a shout of 'timber' when you cut it. Drill holes into the top of your wood slice so your pencils can easily slot in place. You can drill the holes in random places, or if you're feeling creative, drill a pattern - it's up to you! Sand down the edges to give your holder a smoother, more refined look, and simply add your pencils - it's that easy.

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Wine Charms

When you’re at an event or party it can be difficult to keep track of your wine glass, especially when they all look the same. To solve this problem, have a go at making these cute wood slice wine charms so you never lose your wine glass again. Start by drilling a hole a third of the way down through your wood slices. Then paint the inner part of the slice with chalkboard paint, and string jewelry wire through the holes. Attach jewelry clasps to the wire so you can secure them round glasses, and write on numbers with a chalkboard pen so you know whose glass is whose.

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