Make the most of your free time rather than spending it cleaning by choosing the right cleaning services for your home.

Our Guide on Choosing the Right Cleaning Services for Your Home

Choosing the Right Cleaning Services for Your Home - Cleaning LadyCopyright: kzenon / 123RF Stock Photo

There are a lot of companies that offer house cleaning and maid service, making it difficult to identify which one is best for you. To help you decide, we have put together a guide detailing the steps you should follow to ensure you are choosing the right cleaning services for your home.

Identify What Areas of Your Home Require Cleaning

Before you start interviewing candidates, you need to have an idea of which rooms or areas of your house you want cleaned. Some of the standard house cleaning services that are offered include cleaning and sanitizing the bathroom and kitchen, dusting, vacuuming and mopping the floors.

You can also hire maid service for laundry, changing bed linen, window cleaning, floor waxing, carpet cleaning, drapery cleaning, upholstery cleaning and polishing woodwork.

If there are any particular areas which require special attention make sure to address these when speaking to potential candidates to ensure they agree to your requests and you are choosing the right cleaning services for your home.

Decide How Often you Require House Cleaning Services

You need to decide how frequently you require your house cleaning. A maid service is available in a variety of options, including regularly scheduled weekly cleanings, biweekly cleanings, one time assistance, and large cleaning tasks such as clearing out a basement, or a deep clean of the house.

Only Interview Cleaning Services That are Bonded and Insured

Make sure to ask the cleaning services for proof that they are bonded and insured, so you end up choosing the right cleaning services for your home. If a theft occurs, or your cleaner is involved in an accident at your home such as hurting themselves while cleaning, then the house cleaning service will take responsibility if they are bonded and insured. If the service does not have these you will take ownership of responsibility.

Check Reviews and Ask for References

As you are hiring someone to come into your home you need to be comfortable around them and know you can definitely trust them. Check for online reviews of the cleaning services you are considering and ask for at least two references from each candidate. Narrow down cleaning services based on the reviews left online and also contact references to find out if they were happy with the cleaning services they were provided. By obtaining feedback from previous clients, you will know for definite whether you are choosing the right cleaning services for your home.

Ask for referrals before making a hiring decision


Ask Your Candidates if They Will be Providing Their Own Cleaning Equipment

Most cleaning services will bring their own house cleaning equipment, such as mops, brooms, cleaning solvents and vacuums, but sometimes they request to use the homeowner’s supplies. If you have children, pets, or allergies you also need to know what chemicals are in the cleaning solvents used by the cleaning services, as some of them could contain toxic ingredients that would not be suitable for your home.

Ask Your Candidates to Give you a Free Consultation

The person who is going to be providing you with cleaning services needs to be aware of what is expected of them before they start the job. A free consultation involves having them inspect your home and review what work needs to be done before offering you a suitable price.

Don’t Just the Choose The Cheapest Cleaning Service

When reviewing quotes from different cleaning services don’t just go for the cheapest one, as this isn’t always the best deal. Be skeptical of any services whose prices seem too good to be true, as they usually are. Research the companies thoroughly so you can identify which deal is best for you and be confident that you are choosing the right cleaning services for your home.

Discuss Payment Options

Before your house is cleaned for the first time, you need to discuss the payment arrangements. Usually house cleaning services will already have an established payment system, but if this is not the case, you need to decide whether you want to pay them per visit or on a monthly basis. It’s best to find a company that offers one flat fee rather than a fee per hour, so you know exactly what you are paying for, and don’t run the risk of an unexpectedly high bill.