Take your knitting to the extreme, by crafting your own version of this gorgeous snug chunky knit blanket using jumbo sized needles. Giant corded items such as a blanket are great gifts to give to your friends and family, as you can't buy these shops, so they'll appreciate the effort of you hand making them something. However, you could also keep the blanket for yourself, so you can cozy up with it on the sofa while watching TV or reading a book. This wonderful blanket can be made in less than a day, so get your knitting needles at the ready and start creating.

Cosy Craft How to Make This Snug Chunky Knit Blanket


Let's Get Started!

The items you will need to create your blanket include:

  • At least four balls of unspun wool roving (it depends how long you want your blanket to be) in a color of your choice
  • Two long one and a half inch PVC tubes
  • Duct tape
  • Yarn and transparent thread for tassels (optional)

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Step 1 : Creating Your Knitting Needles

To make your giant knitting needles, source two PVC tubes, and then use duct tape to make 'buds' at the end of each PVC tube. This means you will have something to stick your loops over and grip the wool.

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Step 2: Cast on

The technique for knitting a large blanket is still the same as if you were using smaller knitting needles. Start off by casting on 34 stitches. Make a slip knot and place it on a needle, then pull the wool to tighten it on the needle to make the first stitch. Hold this needle in your left hand and put the right hand needle into the stitch and loop the yarn under and around it. Then with the right-hand needle, pull the loop of yarn through the stitch and place the loop onto the left-hand needle to form a second stitch. Insert the right hand needle between the two stitches you've just made and loop the yarn under and around the right-hand needle again. Pull the loop of yarn through the stitch and slip the loop onto the left hand needle to form the third stitch, and then continue until you have 34 stitches.

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Step 3: Knit One Purl One

After casting on enough stitches for the desired width of your blanket you need to start knitting it until it is long enough. For a ribbed effect, use the technique of knit one, purl one. To knit a stitch, slip the right hand needle into the front of the stitch on the left hand needle, and bring the point of the right hand needle out behind the left hand needle. Move the wool around the right hand needle and pull the loop of wool through the stitch to make a new stitch on the right hand needle, before sliding the old stitch off the left hand needle. After you have knitted a stitch your wool is at the back of the work, so you need to move the yarn to the front and make sure it is between the two needles. Put the right hand needle into the stitch on the left hand needle and bring the point out in front of the left hand needle. Pass the wool over and around the right hand needle, then pull the loop of wool through the stitch to make a new stitch on the right hand needle, before slipping the old stitch off the left hand needle. Continue to knit one and purl one until your blanket is the right length.

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Step 4: Cast Off

Once your blanket is the desired length, it's time to cast off. Knit the first two stitches onto the right hand needle, and insert the left hand needle into the first stitch. Lift this stitch over the second stitch to take it off the needle. Knit another stitch and then repeat to the end of the row until there is one stitch left. Slip this off the needle and thread the wool through the loop to secure it.

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Step 5: Add Tassels

After casting off you can leave your blanket how it is, or if you want to make it more decorative you can add tassels. Cut 20 pieces of yarn to the length that you want your tassels to be. Wrap the yarn around to make a pretty tassel, then weave in the ends of the yarn through the loop. Attach the tassels to the cast on and cast off edges with transparent thread, so you won't be able to see any thread tails.

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Step 6: Decide Who Gets the Blanket...

Once you have added the tassels you then need to decide whether you want to give your lovingly made creation to someone as a present, or keep it for yourself. Regardless of who gets it, the chunky knit blanket looks great on a sofa or bed, and is guaranteed to keep you cozy on those cold evenings.

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