Country Cottages: Tour This Quintessential English Home

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By: Lisa Evans
Published: March 7, 2017
Last Update: February 12, 2023
This stunningly beautiful English Country Cottage resides in the pretty Dartmoor village of Drewsteignton. Sojourn features a secret garden and luxury spa room, making it a wonderfully romantic haven for couples. It is the last one in a trio of chocolate box cottages located down a private country lane. Surrounding the grade-II listed thatch is a landscape of natural beauty which encompasses ancient farmsteads and cosy rustic pubs. Here we take a tour of this quintessentially English Dartmoor Cottage. Country Cottages

Living Room

The living room is beautifully decorated with a neutral palette of cream walls, beige furniture and dark wood flooring. A soft cream patterned rug and grey fur throw enhances the cozy feel of this room. Adding red and yellow cushions to the furniture gives the room a much needed pop of color. To ensure this space provides a welcoming atmosphere, plants have been suitably placed on the windowsill and cabinet to give it a fresh and inviting look. Country Cottage Living Room


In the elegantly designed bedroom, luxurious linens and soft pillows adorn the king-size bed. Continuity is key in the design of this cottage, and this is easily demonstrated with the use of neutral cream colors in the bedroom. Subtle shades of pale blue are found on the bedding and pillows to create a tranquil atmosphere which can help encourage a peaceful slumber. Country Cottage Bedroom


A cozy alcove in the hallway is decorated with quirky bookshelf print wallpaper to give the illusion of a bigger space. Decorative features including rabbit ornaments and simple decanters evoke sophistication and provide elegant touches to the alcove. The use of plants in the hallway continues the welcoming theme of this home, while the bright pink flowers are a great addition of color to a fairly neutral area. Country Cottage Hallway

Spa Room

The luxury spa room is the perfect place to relax after a long day. Standing proudly in the middle of the room is the elegant, deep copper slip bath which is great for those who enjoy a long steamy soak by candlelight. To avoid the bathroom feeling cold, a separate cozy area has been created next to the bath, which features soft carpet and a gorgeous comfy chair. A small table and lamp provide extra lighting, which is ideal for book lovers who like to unwind with a classic novel. Country Cottage Spa Room

Shower Room

In addition to the luxury spa room, there is also a stylish light-filled shower room. A beautiful basin and vintage WC feature a classic design which fits in with the overall elegant look of the rest of the cottage. Large amounts of natural light shine through the window and this is accentuated by the bright clean white look of the walls. To avoid looking too clinical, a fur rug is laid out on the floor to give the room a warm and homely feel. Country Cottage Shower Room

Kitchen and Dining Area

An inviting atmosphere is found in the kitchen and dining area thanks to its cozy and homely design. The neutral palette that dominates the rest of the cottage is used here to reflect continuity. Patterned tiles across one of the walls prevents the kitchen from looking too plain and creates a great focal point. Shelves with neutral colored vases and jugs add a decorative touch to the kitchen and enhance the friendly and pleasant feel of the cottage. Beautiful white flowers are on display around the kitchen to positively influence a calm environment, as well as adding some subtle femininity. Country Cottage Kitchen and Dining Area

Bay Window Near Kitchen and Dining Area

On the other side of the kitchen and dining area is a beautiful bay window which offers a convenient seating area. The red cushions help create a warm, cozy atmosphere as well as bringing a pop of bright color to the heavily neutral palette of the room. Natural light from the window brightens up the seating area, making it the perfect place to relax and read a book. Plus if you fancy a cup of coffee or tea while your reading, the facilities are within arms reach. Bay Window Near Kitchen and Dining Area.


Outside, the gardens offer a place of tranquility and relaxation regardless of what the season is. In spring, lush flowers bloom brightly, while in summer, streams trickle down to create watering holes for wild deer and cottontail bunnies. The bespoke flower house is the perfect place to dine al fresco during the warmer days. During the winter, the landscape of the moors transforms into a snowy wonderland and is a wonderful sight to behold. Country Cottage Garden