Avoid the claustrophobic feel in your small bedroom, and transform your sleeping quarters from cramped to spacious. From great storage solutions to quirky decor ideas, here are the smart design choices which will make you fall in love with your small space.

Simple Color Palette

After you’ve had a long day, and your bed is calling you, there’s nothing more off putting than a room filled with brash colors and busy patterns. Choose a simple palette of light, cool shades to keep your room a calm and restful place. If you’re worried that the light colors might look too cold, add some rustic chic to your room by installing wooden flooring. The warm hues will instantly add a cozy feel to the room and gives the floor a simple, clean look.

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Hanging Nightstand

Floor space is like gold dust in a tiny bedroom, so obviously you want to free up as much of it as possible. If you don’t want to fill up your room with a huge nightstand, then consider having one that hangs from the ceiling. This quirky floating table was actually made out of a cutting board for the base, and wire to hang it up. It’s smaller than a conventional nightstand, but still gives you plenty of room to place a glass of water, a plant or a decorative item on top.

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Stylish Storage

When you’re faced with a small bedroom, the first question that often springs to mind is, ‘where is everything going to fit?’ You usually find yourself choosing function over style, and end up with a room that looks like a storage unit with a bed. However, even if you have a teeny tiny bedroom, you can still make your space look stylish. Placing shelves and drawers on each side of your bed offers plenty of storage so you can keep your room clutter free. Select them in a clean crisp shade of white as this color not only looks elegant but has the potential to make your room appear bigger. For an additional storage solution, install hooks onto your wall so you can hang things up. With these hooks, you will no longer have to endure the daily stumble over coats and bags, and keep your floor clear at all times.

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Double Wardrobes

Bring balance and harmony to your bedroom by using the decor technique of symmetry. If you don’t have room for a huge closet, then double your storage instead! Place two identical wardrobes on either side of the bed to create a simple built-in look. Depending on how big (or small) your room is, you might want to skip the nightstands to avoid your space looking cramped.

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Overhead Storage

Don’t leave the walls of your bedroom underutilized. Make the most of your free wall space by adding handy cabinets to them. Place them above your bed for easy overhead storage, but not too high that you can’t reach them (unless you like jumping on the bed). Use it as an alternative nightstand, or place shoes and other items inside so you can keep them off floor.

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Windowsill Nightstand

If you’ve got a narrow room, but a deep window sill, don’t just lean on it as you gaze into the outside world. Use it to your advantage as an alternative nightstand. Small rooms can often mean sacrificing certain decorative elements. But if you have a windowsill, you can easily dress it up as well as use it for storage. Show off your green thumb by displaying a houseplant, or create a handy reading nook, so you can get lost in the pages of a good book before you go to sleep.

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Exposed Wardrobe

Stop hiding all of your clothes and shoes away, and make your room feel larger with an exposed wardrobe. Although you may be apprehensive about having all of your clothes on show, this trick can instantly give your room the appearance of being bigger than it actually is. Install simple stylized wardrobes against the wall, or even just remove the doors from your existing wardrobe. You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference it can make. However we do have to warn you that this won’t work, if behind those doors is a monster of a mess.

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In addition to your bed, you might be tempted to bring in more furniture, such as a comfy, glamorous armchair. But in a small bedroom, unfortunately you need to make more practical choices. An ottoman is a fabulous option as it not only provides you with a stylish new place to sit, but concealed storage too! Place it at the foot of your bed so it doesn’t cause obstruction and offers easy access to the items you've stored inside.


Horizontal Stripes

Visually elongate the length of your room by decorating the walls with horizontal stripes. Big colorful patterns such as stripes evoke vitality and will easily open up any room. When placed horizontally, the stripes widen up small narrow spaces, and make them look much look bigger than they are. If you’re tempted to try out stripes on your walls, avoid small prints as they can look too busy and very chaotic when applied in a tiny bedroom.

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Underbed Storage

We’ve talked about storage around the bed, but let’s not forget underneath it. In a small bedroom it’s vital that you use every inch of space and don’t waste any of it. If you have a bed frame with an exposed area underneath, take advantage of it and create easy to use storage. Large baskets, rolling drawers and plastic bins and tubs, are all smart storage solutions which can fit under your bed. You can even save more space in your containers if you seal your items in vacuum space bags.

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