If you work or study at home, or just need a place to focus and be productive, a home office is perfect for creating an efficient working environment. Whether you have a whole room, or just a nook, it's easy to create a stylish and functional space where you can focus away from distractions. Take some inspiration from these different home office designs, and create a beautiful workspace that you will enjoy spending time in.

Stylish and Sophisticated

This home office has an air of sophistication with its elegant chandelier hanging above the desk. Stylish elements are found throughout this productive space including a gorgeous animal print rug and a handy picture board you can pin your ideas to. To brighten up the room and create a light and airy atmosphere, the furniture including the storage space are a clean shade of white. However to prevent the room from looking too plain, pops of red color are on display in the seating area by the window, and a bouquet of red flowers are displayed on the desk.

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Luxurious Marble

Charcoal gray is a modern and sophisticated color which evokes intelligence and organisation, making it perfect for the home office. A deep shade is used for the floor, while the walls are a lighter shade of gray to prevent the room from looking too dark and dull. The desk is surprisingly made out of marble, which is a material more commonly used for the kitchen and bathroom. But the luxurious and clean look pairs well with the gray interior design and lightens up the space. To maintain the tidy appearance of the office, a large shelving space behind the desk keeps books and other study materials organized. If you install shelves into your office and have spare space leftover, add decorative features such as vases and other personal items to customize your workspace.

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Vibrant Pink

Easily brighten up your mood with cheerful elements of pink in your home office. This vibrant color looks beautiful in small doses, so if you intend to use this color, make sure you restrict it to only certain areas of your office. Pink works well with a neutral palette, such as white, light wood or black. For example, to accentuate the sleek style of this office, the floor is painted black, and a cozy zebra print rug is placed underneath the beautiful pink and black chair. Cream drawers and cabinets help keep the area tidy, while the worktop is black to match the floor. Pink baskets, folders and document storage add fun pops of color to the workspace without being too overbearing. The shelving is also low-key with only the back of the unit painted pink, while the shelves are painted white.

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Warm and Cozy

If you only have a small space to work with for your home office, transform it into a cozy hub using warm, layered textures. A dark wooden desk and matching chair creates an effortlessly sleek style and the perfect set up if you need to concentrate. On the other hand, the addition of a deep brown fabric covered chair and footstool offers a sanctuary for relaxation away from the desk. Grasscloth wallpaper brings an element of natural beauty indoors, while the flowers add color and influence a calm environment.

Warm and CozySource

Personal Library

This small room has been transformed into an efficient personal library. Simple built-in shelving has been installed all the way around the walls, with a huge bookshelf on one side. For those who have a lot of books and other materials for study, this is the perfect solution to keep it all organized and tidy. Below the shelving is a handy wraparound desk which matches the soft tones of the wooden shelves. The use of white for the worktop compliments the simple and minimalist look of the office, while the decorative flowers and framed pictures prevent the space from looking too plain.

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Metallic Accents

Strong metallic accents help distinguish this small home office as a separate space from the bedroom it resides in. Gold colored arrows on the wall and a stylish lamp gives the study a smart and elegant look. A small desk with drawers offers storage space for office materials and provides enough space on the worktop for a computer and other necessary items. On the wall a stunning glass calendar is on display to keep you on track and up to date on any forthcoming events. To finish off the space, an inspirational quote is hung up on the wall to inspire whoever uses the home office.

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Creative and Colorful

For those with a creative mind, bold accessories and a huge pegboard are great additions to a home office. Vibrant colorful flowers brighten up the plain walls, while the sea green cart offers a burst of color against the white desk. Pegboards are a great way to stay organized, and if you enjoy arts and crafts, they provide many shelving possibilities for art supplies. In addition to the many shelves utilized on the board for pens, pencils and other crafts, a metal file folder hangs above the desk. Three clipboards are hung up on the board and can be used for important documents, artwork or anything else you want to clip up. Thanks to the handiness of the pegboard there is plenty of space on the desk, with only two small plants in the corner which help influence a serene and peaceful atmosphere.

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Pop of Color

Instead of lots of bright colors, focus on incorporating one single pop of color, and applying it to the desk. The calming white tones of this home office creates a relaxing atmosphere which positively influences productivity. Adding a light turquoise desk brings a burst of color to the room and creates a fun and interesting focal point. Resting above it is shelving which has been conveniently installed to keep the area tidy and free from clutter. White framed images hung up on the walls add fun decorative touches to the office, while the white chandelier evokes elegance and sophistication.

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