Terracotta pots are fairly inexpensive to buy, and are ideal containers for your flowers and plants. However, due to their plain and simple design, they aren’t always very visually appealing. To give them a bit more style, try out one of these easy DIY decor ideas and dress up your flower pots in time for spring.


Decoupage Pots

If there's a pretty pattern you like on a set of napkins, consider applying it to your pots! It's really simple to do, and you only need a few materials. First off, find some decorative napkins that feature shapes or patterns. Then paint your pots in your choice of color to brighten them up. While you wait for the paint to dry, cut out the patterns or shapes from a napkin, and mod podge it onto the pot. Seal the whole pot with mod podge to give it a protective layer, and then place your plants inside. It's that simple!

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Stamped Planters

Keep your herbs organized by decorating their planters with stamped labels. Paint the pots with a coat of light gray chalk paint followed by a coat of white chalk paint. Give the pots are distressed look by sanding the white paint off in different places so that it reveals the gray paint underneath. If you want a more clean look, don't follow this step, and leave the pot fully painted in white. Use a stamp set to stamp the name of each herb on each pot. This way you will be able to easily identify which herb is which. Then just fill the pots with the corresponding plant and find a place to store them.

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Stenciled Pots

Keep the orange color of the terracotta pots, but dress it up with a fun stencilled pattern! Stencils can be very slippery so it's best to use stencil glue to attach it to the pot and keep it in place. Once the glue has dried, paint over the stencil in your choice of color. White is very effective and a highly recommended choice, as it stands out brightly against the burnt orange shade of the pots. After the paint has dried, remove the stencil and plant your flowers inside.

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Seashell Planter

Bring a part of the seaside home, with these beautiful seashell planters. Make sure the shells you use are flat and uniformed in size, so you can easily arrange them on your pots. Start by gluing the bottom and sides of the shells and attaching them to the rim of the pot, so they are slightly overhanging. For the next row of shells, continue to glue them in the same way. Attach them in between the shells above so there are no gaps. Repeat this process until all of the pot is covered in shells, and then plant some pretty succulents inside.

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Flower Pot Centerpiece

Transform your flower pots into a stunning centerpiece which is perfect for a wedding or baby shower. You will need a large and a small terracotta pot to create the tiered look, as well as a pillar candle and small vase. To give the pots a distressed vintage look, dry brush them with white chalk paint. It should only take a few minutes for the paint to dry. Next fill up the large pot halfway with soil, and the small pot with gravel up to an inch from the top. Place the small pot in the center of the large pot, and add your plants in the soil. To finish off the tiered centerpiece, insert the candle into the vase and set it on top of the small pot.

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Chevron Patterned Pots

If you're looking for an easy way to spruce up your pots that doesn't require too much effort, add a chevron pattern to them. Use painters tape to create zig zag patterns on your pots, and then spray paint them white. Wait for the paint to dry, and then remove the tape to reveal the pretty graphic design.

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Paint Drip Pots

Add a cool paint drip effect to your pots, and display them as decorative pieces on your bookshelf. It's really easy to create this fun pattern. Just start off by painting your pots with a white base color. When the paint has dried, turn the pots upside down and fully cover the base with a bright paint color such as yellow, red or blue. Apply enough paint to the base so that it drips down the sides, and wait for it to dry. Then just place your pots the right way up and fill them with soil and your choice of plants.

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Painted Face Pots

Give your terracotta pots personality by dressing them up with adorable painted faces. You can paint your pots any color, but white works well to make the different face designs stand out. After the paint has dried, sketch on the faces with pencil. It might be best to draw a few ideas on scrap paper first, so you have an idea of what you want the faces to look like. Use markers and acrylic paint to draw over the pencil lines and add fun touches such as blush and lipstick. If you want to give the pots more color, paint stripes or another pattern on the top of them.


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Gold Leaf Pots

Dress up your pots with gorgeous gold leaf to add a vintage and elegant look. Adhere the leaf to the top part of the pot with glue and then apply it to other areas in small patches to create a weathered look. To seal the gold leaf, coat the pots in spray sealer, and simply place your plants inside once the sealer is dry.

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Lace Planters

Instantly beautify your terracotta pots with pretty lace detailing. This is a really simple and inexpensive way to decorate your planters. You can choose to cover the whole of your pot in lace, or only cover it partially. Whatever you decide, begin by brushing glue over the areas of the pot that you wish stick lace to. Then adhere the lace to the pot and brush an extra layer of glue on top to seal it. Now all you have to do is wait for the glue to dry so you can fill the pots up with plants.

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